Your email address will not be published. Do you think we should introduce a 3rd goat or just keep these 2 separated for a few more months. Thanks for any advice. It’s anyone’s guess about whether or not they will hurt each other. And if so how do I set it up? Typically they do that because someone thought it was cute to “butt heads” with them when they were little, so they think it’s an acceptable way to communicate with people. The blood is way more then a table spoon , it leaks out to a small puddle every time she naps or lays to chew her cud . Thanks Some bucks are less respectful than others and will drive does crazy constantly trying to mate them, even if they are pregnant already. He is 2 years old this month, I’m worried about adding goats. I have two 4 month old weathered brothers, one polled and one with horns. It wasn’t aggressive but because the Nigerian has horns and the pygmy doesn’t he broke off his scur and there was a bit of blood. It’s typical goat behavior. Momma goat truss to horn him under his chin. We have three weathered males and one doe. The rest of the time they got on great together. Especially the baby. It’s pretty clear to me the 5 year old must have rammed her. I am looking for information regarding does fighting. Even scarier than bucks butting heads, however, are pregnant does fighting. They are easy to tire out and run down, making the chase fun and short for a dog. There is no guarantee that the underdog will use it, but maybe he will, and it may help you feel slightly better because you’ve given him the option. The wether and the baby are great together but I don’t want to leave mom completely alone. The babies have grown very well and have horns just like their mom and dad. Can they change? There really isn’t much you can do, especially since you’re not there all the time. He follows her around, bites at her ears and neck, butts her in the side, chases her, mounts her and is overall being a bully. It’s usually a good idea to keep them separate for a few days until the kid is steady on his feet. But you wouldn’t know when she is due. The ram has also tried to ram me and my kids ( not as bad as the goat). Required fields are marked *. The rest of the butting of kids is about teaching behaviour . You need to call around and find a vet that can do a c-section, if needed, and ask ahead of time what the cost will be. These are the only two we have, will they ever get along ? Ultimately you have to play it by ear because every goat’s personality is different. I have two feeders, two water buckets, and multiple climbing areas so she can get away from him but I’m worried he’s going to hurt her. It will depend on the personality of the new goats. We are keeping a check on her daily. We recently got two bucks that have been together since birth. Will they mate only once the female goes into heat or can it somehow happen sooner? I should say that the smaller goat is also very friendly and will sit in my lap for cuddles so he is not all bad! The males could do serious damage and even kill a young kid with their horns because they are so much bigger right now. My male and one of my females take turns head butting it. The most you can do is try to eliminate the cause of the butting. They are both 6 months old. When goats have been separated for kidding, I put them into groups of three or four initially so the head butting gets spread around a little more than if only two goats were put together. She is very food aggressive as she was neglected before. But if she was in heat, she would not be running from him. Suggestions? She was the goat-of-my-heart, my absolute favorite. N. I am a new goat momma. Is that the reality of rams? A doe only comes into heat about once every three weeks, but you may not realize it until he’s mounting her, and then it’s too late. The baby is 5 days old. I have all of them together. They will not allow him in the coop if they are in there. This can be tough, depending on the situation on your farm. But then I know almost no one with horned bucks. We’d like to bring their little family back together. Head butting for at least 15 minutes would be expected, and it’ll probably give you a headache just watching. We have two adult females. Three weeks ago, I added a 6 year old Nigerian/Pygmy cross doe. Usually when there is such a big size difference, the smaller one will quickly learn that he can’t win, so he stops trying. By then the kids are really on their feet and can handle it if another doe butts them. I have two bucks that grew up together. We only have two goats and don’t plan on expanding our “herd” lol. There WILL be head butting, but assuming they are equally matched (similar size and horn status), it is highly unlikely that she will actually hurt him. Whenever goats are separated, they need to re-establish their pecking order, and that’s what they’re doing. We just added two females that are 2 months old. Remember he is capable of running away. The smaller Nigerian actively tries to avoid the Pygmy and seems scared of him. She is in a huge pen with the other 2 goats and the mini-pony and I allow them out and about on our farmstead for the day. One of my new females is about 3 weeks old. The older kids are butting her around a bit. HELP. Will they be able to live together again? Back to post: Next photo >>> terri_emory wrote: I feed my Kikos even less pellets but only in the winter. I have two does that are new to me but came from the same herd when purchased. Im worried will the bigger goat hurt the baby . Now the mama and 2 year old goat ram and go after the other goat. What can I do? An Apline and Saanen. She even tries to butt them through the panels separating the stalls. They really need a companion. Usually, in spite of the severity of the head banging, no one gets hurt. This is totally normal behavior. Nigerian kids are usually about 3 pounds. I have a doe that has a one year old castrated male. I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog! It sounds like you have a standard sized goat with horns with a couple of smaller goats, such as Nigerian or pygmy, that do not have horns. You could put them in two pens that are side by side so that they have time to get used to each other and can make faces at each other through the fence. If you can provide a secondary shelter, that’s a good idea. They are fainting goats – all with horns. Since they have horns, I would keep the new ones separate from the males until they are at least a few months old and closer in size. You can try feeding them in separate stalls in the barn or placing their hay feeders far apart. Could he be stabbing her ? Is there any prevention that i can take for the goat to hit us with her head when she gets big. I just don’t want his horns to break off. also do the nigerian goats know when to go inside their house when they are cold from the wind? If you don’t have another buck to keep him company, you can try putting him in a neighboring pen so they share a fenceline, although he probably wont’ be happy about that initially. Unfortunately some goats with horns become big jerks and can kill other goats with their horns. Ive been out there watching and making sure they don’t kill it. I can’t figure out why she has started doing this and I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe with my does that were fine, I just had good timing and saw the only aggression, whereas the one that went into pre-term labor was being beaten constantly when I wasn’t around? Afraid of him. Grand Teton ends fall goat shoot 2 weeks early, 43 killed NPS JACKSON, Wyo. What do I do?? How do i go about making sure they are warm enough and also when they should be out. I have 2 does that will be turning 2 this October. their shared camp is nice and big, but their heads start bleeding from all the head budding. This is one reason I am not a fan of horns. They are socialized and let my grandchildren hold and pet the babies. Will my older does hurt her once contained in the barn? Two days later the other doe had a premature birth and the baby died. On the bright side we thought we were going to lose a baby goat to some internal injuries when a dog was playing too rough. She would be standing for him to mount her. Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. I try to feed them separately so the new buck can get plenty of feed, but I’m worried as to where he doesn’t fight back if he will be picked on forever. The aggressor has backed the other in to the shelter and makes her cry. Should we separate them? The best of friends however the little goat was pregnant when i got her and has just given birth. I have two Nigerian dwarf bucks (about 1 yr old) and recently added 2 Nigerian/Nubian does (also about 1 yr old). There is usually less head butting when you do that for a few days, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. Advice please. Luckily it’s over when they are not in heat any longer, so it only lasts a day or two. We just added another weather of similar size , about 9 months old. The fact that one has horns creates an uneven playing field, so that usually makes it harder. two were two goat … We had several 2 year old pygmy wethers and lost one recently. I’m afraid the older doe will not let the younger one eat much. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. The bully kidded January 8 and the smallest doe kidded January 22. Now the 2 does will not stop fighting when we put them together. So a good idea to keep these females penned until the hormones subside a bit. Four goats were killed in a fire that started around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and burned a barn in the 6300 block of McCue Road in Union, according to a … TIA. I am new to goats so this is turning me off owning then if this is the norm . I have two Nigerian wethers – brothers who will be 2 in September. What should we do? But if they’re all does, they don’t usually get scurs. How often should it be placed? So it is not at all unusual to run m/f together during the summer for pasture. Thank you I’m to goats and this is really helpfull my doe is bleeding under the horns a little bit. The problem is that kid doesn’t smell her kid — and Vicks does not make the kid smell like her kid either. I have 3 pygmy goats. Is there anything we should be doing to ease the transition? Now the smaller brother has become incredibly aggressive towards him, he not only head butts but charges and rams him in his side. Only a bare handfull of pellets in summer and only as a treat or to get them rounded up. However since you only have two does, you can expect some head butting between them when you put them back together. I’d this normal or is she being aggressive? Can you explain how/why this will make a difference? Thank you for your comments I have now separated the Buck from the Does . I meant abominable. As the kid gets more experience around the doe, it will also learn to avoid her. She has always been a very sweet, timid goat but now she attacks me every time i’m in the field and constantly tries to ram me and knock me over. My female beats up my male Then hits him a second time when he faints. This will keep them from getting too pushy when reintroducing the girls with their kids. We have 4 does. Will this get better when the second gives birth? Is my first doe being “protective” of me or is she just trying to show dominance? And sometimes the goats that are the most outgoing towards humans are the roughest with other goats. The main reason they butt kids is about pecking order and hormones so if there has been any loss such as the matriarch there will be a lot of vying for it . When the buck is kept separate, you can just put him with a doe whenever she is in heat so that you know when she is due. Your question should have been posted directly under the comment where someone mentioned using Vicks, if you wanted them to respond. It’s a dominance thing. If the new wether has horns, and the others do not, then that’s a problem, and you may need to consider housing him separately along with a horned friend who would be on a more equal playing ground. We didn’t have any issues until the baby goat reached a year or so. You might find they are spending too much time inside. You can start by having them share a fence line for a few days, then put them together. Now I want him to have a friend! What can I do? Here is more on goats in winter — Have had the nuby’s in the 1/3 acre field for 2 weeks. That is not normal behavior for a goat. I understand pecking order I also raise chickens. I’m very nervous about moving her from the house to the barn. This is the second time our neighbors dog gets on our property and attacks our goats. It’s just what they do, but that shouldn’t last for long. Some does are more quiet and docile than others when in heat, but some months can be worse than others. One had 2 twin kids. Author: Message: Member: leslie1 Posted on Sunday, Mar 4, 2007 - 5:30 pm: Hi all, My neighbors horse killed a nanny goat that raised him from a foal. We picked the two babies up a week apart from one another but they were from the same farm originally. But I am not sure if I should get a doe this time or if I should just stick with another wethered male. My concern is that the females are half the size of the males. In those cases it’s a good idea to put her in a different pen with a younger doe as a companion. My daughter got a 2 month old baby female. Let double destruction fall upon the enemy of my destiny, in Jesus name. If he is the only goat, that’s why he is trying to jump the fence. We adopted 5 pygmy goats and one dwarf. However, it is a bad idea to have horned and not horned goats together. They have all been together for almost two years and two of them were born over 18 months ago. Responsibility to not keep bucks in the general herd population.. too many safety issues. He’s not aggressive to either myself or my daughter. I wouldn’t try to guess whether the blindness is permanent. She wants all of your love and attention. Kids don’t need more than a handful of grain, which you can feed them personally. I have a wether and a doe, they came together as brother and sister. Thank you. Bug control and eggs (win win). She is eating and drinking fine, no stool/worm issues, and her Famancha score is great. Recently the mother has been picking at all the other critters on the farm including the other goats. fish and game says the bear has killed at least four goats since last thursday. They don’t all do it, but it happens. This is one reason I do not recommend having horned goats. I am afraid she is going to get hurt. Is there anyway to stop it besides separating? Other than providing multiple feeding areas, there is not much more you can do. The horns won’t break off from head butting. stomping at her and making weird noises. It’s not unusual. I have 2 goats – both female – they get along 90% of the time but every now and then the one picks on the other so bad she can’t lay down or eat – what should I do? Usually goats butt heads a lot when they are new to each other, then it calms down as the pecking order has been established. 5 Does and a wither. The first time we got to the goats in time and took the dog to the neighbor. A big goat with horns can do a lot of damage to smaller goats. The younger one needs to put weight on she’s skinny after having triplets. She picks at the mini-pony, and even my 2 huge dogs. Hi, I have a boer doe that keeps head butting and pinning a 1 month old Nigerian Dwarf buck against the fence. So much! The reason he only picks on the previously dominant one is because he has a dominant personality. Goats are herd animals and need a friend. One is being an extreme bully. I will keep them separate for a couple weeks at least. Most people don’t keep a buck with their does because he could wind up getting them pregnant way too often. Little by little they will imprint with the goats and or chickens. I have never heard of an aggressive ram changing. My black older one got aggressive and making noises. There is not anything you can do about it. Also, you need to keep your buck separate so that he doesn’t impregnate the does again too soon — or heaven forbid, impregnate doe kids when they are still too small. Any ideas? Once their disbudding scabs are healed over, you shouldn’t see any more blood unless one of them starts to get scurs (small bits of horn growth), and then one might bleed if they knock off a scur. Keep in mind that it’s normal for them to butt heads a little when they are first put together. Any ideas of how or what I should do? We go out and hang out with them quite a bit and always give the most attention to the Pygmy. Grand Teton ends fall goat shoot 2 weeks early, 43 killed JACKSON, Wyo. It is very discouraging to see as most of the time poor Frank is off to the side alone. Usually they stop fighting when one figures out that he’s losing. They usually stay quite warm in winter because they grow a thick undercoat of cashmere. I need help I have a male and female but the male keeps on head butting the female how do I make him stop. Other than taking her to the vet for an official diagnosis, the main thing you need to do is keep her somewhere that she feels safe and doesn’t have much space to run around. If the buck has been with the does for months, then the doe is probably pregnant. If this is a buck, they need to be separated immediately. It’s not a big deal if a wether is mounting other goats. Lots of people keep horned goats without problems, and dehorning or disbudding has its cons too, after all. Success! Is there anything I can do to help her? As a first time goat owner, I’m hoping you can help me do this correctly. She just within the last couple weeks has become very aggressive. You don’t want your doe getting pregnant more than once per year, and you definitely don’t want young does getting bred before they are big enough to give birth safely. I just got another doe who is around the same age and I have introduced them to each other. Per saperne di più su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la nostra Informativa sui cookie. I’m sorry you had to see it. The wethers that were castrated as adults will literally run her until she is panting and can’t run anymore. I just love your blog! The only thing about being in the barn is that they *might* be able to pin her against the wall, but at 5 months, she’s probably big enough that they can’t do that. They seem to enjoy each other and have been playing a lot. In Africa, many farmers believe I was thinking in terms of able to open the door, swing it in perhaps above the hay……say when snow is blowing in…. I understand if he’s at the bottom of the totem pole but it’s like he’s not even part of the herd. Here’s my free course on breeding goats: I have Nigerian Dwarfs. If she is a 50/50 LM-ND cross, then she should be at least 65 pounds before being bred. If you try to put it back in there after a couple of weeks, it’s going to cry a lot because by then it doesn’t know that it’s a goat. Boischaut abattoir slaughters baby goats who are then sold as pieces of organic goat meat. So when they go to pasture they need to be old enough to withstand the occassional butt. Hopefully you are only giving your wether grass hay because grain can cause urinary stones in wether, and alfalfa has too much calcium for wethers. In this case, absolutely, because the one goat is being bullied so badly. They won’t turn into full horns. I had owned goats for eight years when one night I saw two bucks butting heads at sundown. But the kids will also have to learn that they can only nurse off their own mom, so they will get butted away a few times. I have a three day old kid that was rejected by its mama and I am now bottle-feeding. One time I had a very mellow doe with triplets the same age, so I put a set of orphaned triplets in a stall with her and her kids. Is this normal? I was wondering if this will ever pass or should he be given a friend to allow him his own herd? We have a wether Pygmy age 5 with horns. I kept them all together to breed until one of the bucks lost a foot in a fence accident. If the doe gets pregnant when she is too small, you will either wind up with a c-section or a dead goat. This afternoon I found my favorite pygmy goat "Olive" dead in the pasture. It’s all about learning the herd dynamics. Any tips on getting the mean one to be nicer to the sweet horned goat? NORTON — Blossom the goat has been missing from the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton since Saturday and an $11,000 reward is being offered to help bring her home. We are afraid she is going to hurt him, will she hurt him? I have only two goats. Idk what the blood might have been about, but I don’t really think it’s fair to assume the buck’s horns were the cause, or that he should go to the freezer. Don’t get a kid. Thanks. Hopefully they will get things worked out. I have 2 weather goats. I’d put her outside first thing in the morning so that they have all day to get things worked out in the pasture. I let him back in with his brother 2 days ago after he got better. Either he has tried to nurse recently, or she “thinks” he may want to, so she’s just letting him know that he is no longer her baby.
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