I agree! Ondine:               It's probably the theme of the day, huh? Ondine:               Is this the seventh episode, or the eighth? Social workers need to advocate for themselves more! Labor union definition is - an organization of workers formed for the purpose of advancing its members' interests in respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. Meanwhile, he works hard every day, as a bilingual social worker at a housing development for low income mostly immigrant farm workers. Usually, you can just go do that, and hopefully they'll accept all five or six of you. We've talked about this a lot, and the racialized divisions of labor. Drew:                   It is. Ondine:               This is going to be great. I feel like, well, I don't make a lot of money either, so stop your whining. Ondine:               Yeah. Ondine:               In this article, Erica talks about examples of mental healthcare workers asking Kaiser to fund behavioral health groups for people with suicidal ideation, and they wouldn't pay for it. right of workers to organize labor unions. Drew:                   That's not the answer. You'd go to their homes, and essentially try to teach people how to live in a way that was more in line with, I guess, not being poor? Social movement unionism (SMU) is a trend of theory and practice in contemporary trade unionism.Strongly associated with the labour movements of developing countries, social movement unionism is distinct from many other models of trade unionism because it concerns itself with more than organizing workers around workplace issues, pay and terms and conditions. I think, Drew, this just backs up what you were saying, about the Bachelors level social workers, and paraprofessionals. Ondine:               We're supposed to be good at that in our job, right? Consequently, the relationship between the profession and the unions is still in its infancy. Matt:                    Like Ondine said, I'm big into history. Drew:                   Probably a little cultural assimilation there. Drew:                   That this person gets evicted ... it's not the system's fault. We see lots of good things out of unions, throughout this history. They’re a model for public-sector unions today, which should be pushing for better services and struggling to democratize the state. Ondine:               Did you guys learn about this in school? Drew:                   Nice. Matt:                    Yeah, in some ways. They allow union representatives onto farmers’ property for an hour before work, an hour after work and … Matt:                    The first unions, at least in the United States, start actually around the 1790s, or so. Through unity with their male co-workers, shop floor organizing, strikes, and militancy, women demonstrated that they could secure union recognition, higher wages, and shorter work hours from their employers. I might, in a seven-day period, be all that stands between somebody getting an eviction ordered against them or not. Ondine:               A lot of the folks that we work with have been stripped of power, because of institutional racism and oppression, and because of the Capitalist machine. I'm a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 227. Ondine:               And not think it affects them. What a union does is enable you to join with other people, typically people who do the same thing, or similar things, so that together you can ... Ondine:               Bargain, right? The harm isn't going to subside if they suddenly strike.
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