The fact that Polish migration alone has increased eight-fold since 2004 will be scrutinised and may put further pressure on the government to curb EU migration. Here are three things to consider about the latest figures. Today, India is the most popular country from which migrants travel to the UK, with significant migration from Pakistan, Ireland and Poland. Figure 5 Since the fall of Communism in 1989, the nature of migration to and from Poland has been in flux. The flow between the two countries has certainly been one of the most studied in the period of post- -accession population movements: one website devoted to the subject records almost 500 scholarly pieces, mainly on Polish migration, largely to the UK, most of … Work is currently the main reason for immigration to the UK. The UK is the 10th largest source of migrants to the rest of the world. Most people emigrating from the UK go to Australia, followed by the USA. Nevertheless, Poland is still the top country of citizenship of foreign citizens, accounting for 15% of non-UK citizens living in the UK. People were moving from Poland to the UK in search of jobs and better pay, because there was shortage of work in Poland and the pay was not good, some people only being paid £4 a day whereas in the UK people were getting £400 a day. He said the migrants were helping the UK economy, but the figures will fuel fears about strains on public services. Polish Migration to the UK Polish migration to the UK began in the year 2004, when Poland joined the EU. Polish migration to the UK after 2004 has become one of the most significant movements in UK migration history – official numbers put the movement at over 600,000. migrants and refugees who arrived in the European Union without a visa or similar documentation. The most common reason non-British citizens reported for coming to the UK in 2016 was work. For more information on Polish and EU migration, please see the Migration Observatory briefing, EU Migration to and From the UK. UK immigration policies do not allow employers to bring non-EU workers to the country for low-skilled jobs. New figures show that 447,000 people from Poland and the seven other new EU states have applied to work in the UK. Several things stand out about this migration. In 2005, a UKBA study estimated a population of between 310,000 and 570,000 illegal immigrants living in the UK. Indians make up the largest percentage of immigrants coming into the UK (11.9%), followed by migrants from Pakistan, Poland, Australia and China. Disclaimer: This article focuses on clandestine and irregular migration to the European Union, i.e. But Mr McNulty said the figure would be nearer 600,000 if self-employed workers - such as builders - were included. EU-wide figures regarding both "legal" migration pattern and migration within the EU are not yet fully available for 2019. POLISH nationals have overtaken Indians to become Britain's biggest immigrant group after 11 years of large scale migration since Poland joined the EU. Polish immigrants make exceptional contributions to the UK Here are 8 surprising facts about migration that you wouldn’t normally read in the papers. Source: Pew Research Center, 2016 of Polish-born in the UK to 676,000 in 2011.
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