+ Printable version; Go Down1 2 Next. The question is: how much of a difference does critical rate make? Oct 25, 2020 #1 The advanced guide to Vulpine 1. If you're willing to spend the money, then a demon cultivation can prevent you from investing un-needed points into strength. Blademaster: lvl. Sage Vulpine. This page compares and contrasts the differences between demon and sage for archers to help you decide which is for you. Related Videos. Welcome to my ultimate Perfect World Seeker guide. PvE. Typically wont use thunderous blast more than once. Since it is impossible to exceed 5 APS, sage archers have the advantage of 25% damage reduction. If you were smart you would roll an assassin. Demon Blade Master enhances your spears. Guide. It's easy to understand why critical rate is important in PvP for bow-weilding archers. Have a greater chance to double the damage of each hit in the 3.5 seconds. Totally wrong if you care about PvP. Combined with Quickshot, the interval + critical rate plays into an archers strength. In mass PvP it helps the team by holding an opponent in place for 1 second longer. Decreases channeling time by 0.5 seconds. Damage reduction impractical in mass PvP, you will be sealed or stunned before worrying about damage. Perfect World. It was one of the most popular classes in Perfect World International and has been one of the most anticipated races since Perfect World Mobile launched. As an Archer, a Bow is the weapon of choice for PvP. Am I playing wrong my demon Vulpin or it's better I switch to Sage? Epic Perfect World; General Discussion; Switching from Demon to Sage + Printable version; Go Down. Mo Zun’s Taunt (89) Stifle the opponent and decrease its Chi by 50. Very practical, staple move of demon archers. Enjoy :) Demon spark & Mo Zun's taunt: Faster channelling, thus quick casting and stronger DD. The Vulpine is a gender-locked female class in Perfect World Mobile that looks like a beautiful lady with fox ears. It has been a long time coming, but I have just not been able to find the time to build a Seeker. Demons can improve their chances of critical hits when they use their critical-rate increasing skills, combined with their attack speed increasing Quickshot. Using demon Quickshot, archers can hit the next interval bracket 0.87 - 0.95 attacks per second. In dungeon I was used to be the highest damage dealt character, not I can barely reach and surclass a Demon Cleric damage. Due to demon spark's increased attack rate demons required 2 less interval pieces to achieve 5 APS. Each skill may have its own use depending on whether its being used for PvE or PvP. Master Li’s Technique (89) Charge and gain 50 Chi instantly. 4. They can choose to be elevated and let go of their worldly attachments or they can choose to follow their passion and desires. After reaching level 70, You can choose either sage cleric or demon cleric. Magic never misses, and end game physical attack characters are running around with +50% accuracy rings. You can switch between demon and sage anytime as long as you're not in combat. Sage version has a 20% chance to generate 30 Chi. Sage Cleric and Demon Cleric. best. NoHomo s2 #1 Sept 21, 2013, 03:33 am. Also, you can keep your team’s alive massive PvP playing battle. Typically wont use thunderous blast more than once. Advanced mystical page skill books are made from the mystical librarian in 1K. Please wait. 2% extra critical rate makes a difference. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Perfect World Demon/Sage Cleric Skills List by BeingHope. Eidolons. This thread is archived. Server: Items. If you're using a bow it's likely for PvP, in which case your chi is better spent on defensive skills like Winged Shell, Wings of Grace, and Elven Alacrity. Next-gen Graphics & Seamless World. The Venomancer is a versatile class. Demon/Sage. It's no coincidence that the best geared archers and players are in large TW-centered guilds. U. updates Regular Gamer. 20% extra fire damage based off of weapon damage for 20 seconds. Assuming you have an end-game archer with average gear (as of June, 2011), you likely have about 0.8-0.87 attacks per second - see Archer Attack Speed Basics for more information on how Interval works. For short term (PvP) targets, higher critical rate is favorable. Sage/Demon Skills. originally the wu xia! If you want to play 1 PvP, then Demon Cleric bests for you. Během hraní se dříve nebo později dostanete na lvl 89 a budete se muset rozhodnout. Also, Demon has more CC (crowd control) abilities, so the matter depends on the situation and your role in Perfect World Mobile. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. An archer doubles the damage of their attack. Basics of skill book making . Distance isn't significant, all characters move 2 meters in half a second, if your ping is about 250, then the 2 meter advantage is 100% useless. So yes, you can triple more, but is it useful? Sage usually means more buffs/more health/more def/pve etc. Perfect World Mobile Vulpine Class: – Vulpine is the latest character class added to the Perfect World Mobile in the last update. Class Role. The Demon version heals for 800 HP, level 10 heals for 680-something HP, and sage heals for the same, but is 100% assured to heal, as long as the attack hits. Please replace the old information with up to date information. I always loved demon spark for its power, so if you tend to be power hungry, demon on a caster class such as mystic is awesome. If your ping to the server is around or greater than 500 milliseconds, then a 2 meter advantage is useless. She can shift between two forms: human and fox. While in human form, the Vulpine specialises in using toxins and hexes to deal damage from a safe distance. Click skill, then click S&D and from there select which you want activated. Sage/Demon Skill Making Guide. At the start of the game, your cultivation level is base. A quick guide to Sage or Demon Mystic with an explanation as to why I chose to go Demon over Sage. Sage lasts up to 14 seconds and Demon goes up to 100% speed after upgrading to Primal version. This means in 10 seconds you can deal a total of 8 hits at best. The primary advantage of a demon cultivation is the flexibility to add higher grade gear to their characters while still having the ability to attack at 5 APS. Decreased channeling time lets archers cycle through metal attacks easier. It's this sort of competition that drives many archers to keep playing archers. Perfect World Mobile Classes – Barbarian Class: – Barbarian is a tank-class character with impressive tanky stats and excels in leading from the front. If you're talking about switching specialization, then you can't. Perfect World Mobile Vulpine run Gate of Wraiths Demon Please share and like my Page Thank you advance. The first major difference between demon and sage archers is their spark. Master Li’s Technique (89) I've searched the web but there's a few tips for safe vulp. But not a one big enough to be a major game-changer in your ability to critical more shots. By the time you see your opponent, he is actually 2 meters closer than your maximum range. PvE: Group Damage … If it isn't, this drives you to build your character, whether by improving your PvP skills or gear. Well attack speed is a no-brainer for archers. So you can only add demon 1 and 2 skills. ... At level 69, you can choose to go on the path of a sage or path of a demon. Effectively, as demon archers get more base interval, the benefits of Quickshot on attack speed for PvP increase. The extra accuracy just might allow you to deliver fatal shots before their charm ticks. Demon skills go all in for damage sacrificing def. Fortunately, for demon archers, both Spark and Quickshot grant a -0.1 interval buff. What is there to farm? Attempt to gain as much attack speed as possible without sacrificing damage per hit. The demon is very powerful with long-range spears. Both sage and demon are good but i'll be going sage for my own personal reasons. Sage and Demon are part of a character's Spiritual Cultivation. As an archer you are a vital TW asset that big guilds won't turn down if you have decent gear. Right now I'm Demon II 111k BR with FeralHeal and Soulrot 10/10 but I'm starting having some troubles in game. Many who actually give this serious thought realize that building for PvE activities are a dead end. Sort by. Obě volby mají každá svá pro a proti. also the sage/demon introduction tab for Vulpine is bugged because it shows the trees descriptions of the Barbarian's sage/demon trees instead of vulpine. Can someone explain to me how to do that? It is imperative that you be able to debuff these people if you hope to ever be able to kill them. When a shot criticals the damage is doubled. Perfect World International made in Soupolait Suite à la fermeture d'un site québécois qui me servait de référence, j'ai préféré regrouper diverses informations de provenances multiples (égoïstement à mon intention) Je remercie toutes les sources m'ayant servi à élaborer celui-ci. What do you mean by adding. A high rank guy Demon Vulpine with 200k BR told me to play one on fox form to maximize the damage dealt, so I tried too, but it's even worse than before. Swords & Blades. Sage has many good features to its skills but they are nowhere close to outstand their demon counterpart, only in a few 1v1 occassions sage can stand out with a more favorable skillset (because purify summer sprint can be useful just maybe this once, otherwise demon antistun is just way more superior) than demon, but even so that situation is totally manageable with demon.
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