Account login | Register. Your tile laying success is based on how strong your subfloor is, so don’t attempt to tile until it's rock solid. One question that folks new to ceramic tile frequently ask is whether they can lay the ceramic directly on top of a plywood or OSB subfloor, using a thinset cement or liquid nails to glue down the tile to the wood. 1 Walk over the plywood subfloor and circle any loose or squeaky areas with chalk. The subfloor is 3/4 inch plywood. To install bathroom tile over plywood, you'll have to follow a series of steps. Start with the right tile leveling system level a subfloor before laying tile thinset for tile do s and don ts tile directly over a plywood subfloor. Is wooden subfloor suitable for laying a self adhesive vinyl floor? The standard advice is to first put down a cement-board layer before adding tile. This is true of vinyl tile installation over any surface. Laying tile on plywood. It will break or dislodge if the surface bends under the load. Movement in the subfloor will affect the tile once it’s laid and could cause them to crack in the future. Lay tiles and spacers along one line from the centre to the wall. Pics of : Can You Use Thinset Mortar To Level Floor . Peel-and-stick tiles will bond to bare plywood, but you must ensure the plywood is secure and clean first. 32 Comments on “Can You Lay Tile Directly Over a Plywood Subfloor?” … We are so happy to hear that you enjoy “Today’s Homeowner!” … and all bathrooms. A plywood subfloor must be structurally sound and able to support the installation. Even the pattern of a textured sheet vinyl or linoleum floor will appear through the self-stick tile! The system is designed for use on all of the most commonly used subfloor materials—plywood, OSB, concrete and gypsum-based screed. Start by measuring the room. CLICK TO ENLARGE Plywood underlayment, glued and screwed to a nominal 3/4 in. At its worst, a very uneven floor will result in broken or loose tiles and cracked grout joints. ... For heavy flooring, such as hard tiles the subfloor should be thick plywood, but for soft flooring (vinyl, carpet and soft tiles) thin plywood or even hardboard with the smooth side facing up will be sufficient. Ensure Your Subfloor is Stable. The uncoupling membrane is adhered to the surface being tiled using a layer of thinset adhesive applied with a 1/4-inch V-notch trowel. However, backerboard does not provide any structural support, so many tile setters prefer two layers of plywood on a floor. While you can lay tile directly over a concrete slab using thin-set adhesive, don't make the mistake of applying tile directly to a plywood subfloor. Laying tile over a plywood subfloor can be a bit tricky, but if you take the time to prepare the sub floor properly, you can enjoy a new tile floor that will last for a lifetime. Step by step guide showing you how to lay a plywood subfloor, Lay a subfloor and Cut plywood. A single layer of tile allows any moisture in the concrete to escape through tile joints. Second, the strength of wood boards isn't always consistent. If you find any low spots, smooth them over using a floor patching compound. When used as an underlayment, the plywood sheets are laid over the OSB or plywood subfloor, for a two-layer base. The subfloor is 3/4" plywood with 1/2" plywood on top of it. Based on bits and pieces I've collected from online forums, it's my understanding that we have to install additional plywood underlayment as the current subfloor is too thin. GO. Then how to fix self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles on plywood? Best Knee Pads For Tilers Hello there fellow tilers and handy DIY-ers.. In some cases, you can also install carpet tiles over existing wood, tile or vinyl flooring so long as the existing flooring is no more than an inch thick. While you can lay tile directly over a concrete slab using thin-set adhesive, don’t make the mistake of applying tile directly to a plywood subfloor. Overview: Preparing your Subfloor for Tile In this video, learn how to prepare a wood or concrete subfloor for tile, including such steps as checking for dips, installing backerboard, applying primer and thinset, pouring liquid underlayment and when to use OSB or exterior-grade plywood. However, we highly recommend removing existing flooring. A. No matter how firm the subfloor; the plywood will expand and contract at a different rate as the tile, causing cracks to develop in the grout lines or tiles over time. My main question here is about how to secure to the joists. However, if you can't remove the old surface or otherwise decide to install over it, lay a backer board with thin-set over the old surface to serve as your new subfloor material. Splits and knots create weak spots that flex and lead to cracking tile. Here are the basics of how to install bathroom tile on plywood. You'll end up with wider cuts at both walls. I welcome you to my no bull guide of the best knee pads for tiling. Get the dimensions of the room and then multiply them to get the square footage. Remember that you need a very flat surface to work on. Yes, in principle self adhesive vinyl flooring can be laid on wood floor. Before laying tile or installing a tile underlayment like Schluter DITRA, it’s important to check the subfloor to ensure a flat, even surface. Tile over tile is not recommended on a floor below grade. I am installing natural stone tile, so I've had to reinforce the joists a bit and I'm currently working on installing a new subfloor. Q&A / Ceramic Tiles on Wood Subfloors Bathrooms | Ceramic Tile text: Tim Carter. Spread and apply the adhesive to the uncovered plywood subfloor. in the subfloor surface will be transferred through to the tiles over time. I've read the previous postings on laying tile directly on a plywood subfloor. RenovationsHow to Tile a Bathroom Floor: Bryan Baeumler's 10 Must-Follow Steps. A basement is below grade and concrete below grade will almost always have moisture in it. Most tiles are approved for installation over solid plywood floors, but before you can spread the thinset and lay the tiles, you have to prepare the plywood to make sure it is compatible with the adhesive. The underlayment will be Ditra. It would be risky, for two reasons, to lay the tile directly on top of the diagonally-installed wood subfloor in your bathroom. When you place new tile over existing tile, you cover the tile joints and cut off the escape route for the moisture. How to Install a Cement Backer Board Over a Plywood Subfloor in the Bathroom. How To Fix & Lay Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles on Wood Subfloor? Good thinking installing that in-floor heating system. Under that we found 15/32'' plywood subfloor (not tongue-and-groove) over joists and we are trying to determine the best way to proceed from here. How to install tile backer board on a wood subfloor can you lay tile directly over a plywood subfloor today s homeowner how to lay tile over plywood you how to install cement board on a floor the family handyman. Check all manufacturer's instructions for the adhesive's application. Tools & Materials. Carpet tiles can adhere to concrete, plywood or particleboard subfloors. Whats people lookup in this blog: How To Lay Floor Tile On Wood Subfloor; How To Lay Porcelain Tile On Wood Subfloor The floor consists of 2 x 10 southern yellow pine floor joists 16 inches on center. plywood subfloor, makes a sturdy substrate for ceramic tile. According to backer board manufacturers and tile setters, installing backer board directly over an old, solid-wood subfloor is risky for a couple of reasons: First, changes in humidity make solid wood shrink, swell and cup more than plywood. While laying carpet tile is a simple process, carefully taking things step-by-step will help ensure the tiles lay evenly and correctly, and last longer. It supports your decorative floor finish, whether it’s carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminated wood or tile. The first thing you’ll want to do is check your plywood subfloor for any bending or deflection. roller on some types. Installing Over Existing Vinyl . That being said, here are the 7 key steps you should follow if you choose to install carpet tiles in your own home or rental. Step 5 Unroll and lay the linoleum back onto the covered floor and apply pressure to the floor from the center out to paste it down. Tile installers usually use cementboard as a tile underlayment over a standard plywood subfloor, but as Home Flooring Pros advises, there are situations for which an uncoupling membrane is a better choice. Necessary prep work. Next, put a level on your floor. If water seeps through the tile installation to the underlayment, it will not cause the wood to swell, as happens with interior-grade plywood. This may require a 100 lb. Slightly uneven floors can cause tile corners to protrude, especially on larger sized tiles (18″ x 18″ or larger). If the space between the last full tile and the wall is narrower than half a tile, move the line parallel to that wall back by half a tile. Improper priming and preparation will lead to cracks, bumps or slopes in the tile floor that can eventually cause serious dangers to those walking. A poor ceramic installation will delaminate from the subfloor, split at the grout lines, or worse–crack directly across the tile. However, I'm wondering whether the reason for doing this is to improve the stiffness of the floor, or because the mastic will not adhere well to the plywood. DEAR TIM: I am thinking of installing a ceramic tile floor in my kitchen. This process is not complicated, but you will need to be willing to do some work. Look around your room for any pockets of high or low spots. Plywood. PHOTO 2 of 10. It's completely waterproof, and it allows the subfloor and tile … Step 1 - Measure. Google+. However, before you lay your cement board, there’s a little prep work that needs to be completed first. Build your subfloor carefully. Installing ceramic tile over vinyl or linoleum surfaces can be more complicated than expected and probably should be avoided whenever possible. Tile floors are heavy and tile is a hard material. Concrete might look smooth, but there are often a few areas that will stand up or sink down. Instead of laying tile on a plywood subfloor, it’s better to lay a cement board on top of the plywood subfloor first. You can use a wet vacuum as long as you dry the floor completely before laying any planks, tiles, or sheets. Here’s the basic rundown of how to use DITRA for ceramic or porcelain tile: 16 inch on-center joist spacing with single layer OSB or plywood subfloor; 19.2 inch on-center joist spacing with single layer OSB or plywood subfloors; 24 inch on-center joist spacing with double layer OSB or plywood subfloors No matter how firm the subfloor; the plywood will expand and contract at a different rate as the tile, causing cracks to develop in the grout lines or tiles over time. A subfloor is the bottom-most structural level of your floor. If needed, sand the plywood down to level the subfloor.
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