Look for them in hedges and woodland edges, with full bloom in the spring and heavy with berries in the autumn. I am a forager not an herbalist. ENVIRONMENT: Waste places to landscaping to a potted plant.

It has oval shaped leaves about an inch long. Lantana Montevidensis is native to South America, and is characterized by white, purple or lavender colored scented flowers. Lantana infestations have been described in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and many of the Caribbean and South Pacific islands. They are all healthy, beautiful condition and doing the Iridology and viewing the eyes is fascinating. Holly berries are somewhat toxic to humans, though their poisonous properties are overstated and fatalities almost unknown. Texas lantana produces deep purple-black berries which are poisonous to most mammals, including cattle, sheep and humans. TIME OF YEAR: Fruits can ripen all year but are heavy in the early summer. L. camara reduces the productivity in pasture through the formation of dense thickets, which reduce growth of crops as well as make harvesting more difficult. And they are right. L. depressa has yellow blossoms only, or, white blossom with a yellow throat: No red, pink or orange blossoms. Butterfly on Lantana camara blossoms. I’m relieved to read about other dogs that eat the leaves also. I work in a vet’s office and animals will eat poisonous plants. The berries on a lantana lantana spp black and about 16 of an inch across are the fruits of the plant. The fruit causes mild upsets when eaten unripe or in large quantities. Lantanas which vary in hardiness from us. I’m still here, lol, I’ve been eating the berries! Are the SEEDS of Lantana camara also safe to eat? Cambridge University Press. [10], L. camara can outcompete native species, leading to a reduction in biodiversity. Chris, Camara vulgaris[3]. Ask anyone who has heard of the Lantana camara and they will tell you it is poisonous. There are plenty of plant based foods that are safe for humans and not safe for pets. [13], Lantana camara is a small perennial shrub which can grow to around 2 m tall and form dense thickets in a variety of environments. camara. I didn’t care/want to live, so…….. A native of the West Indies or perhaps introduced from South American, it is listed as one of the worst weeds in the world. [33][34] The active substances causing toxicity in grazing animals are pentacyclic triterpenoids, which result in liver damage and photosensitivy. The mosquito theory and info is very interesting. Could be handy to know should the virus come close. And just because your pig, or a wild bird eats it, doesn’t mean it’s safe for your dog or cat. Leaves are 2-5 inches long by 1-2 inches wide with rounded tooth edges and a textured surface. While researching natural supplements to combat coronavirus I came to Lantana. There is no doubt that green, http://www.stuartxchange.org/Lantana.html. My bull Terrier loves to eat these, these picky about plants that she eats, this one she loves. The native range of Lantana camara is Central and South America; however, it has become naturalised in around 60 tropical and sub-tropical countries worldwide. Lantana was originally imported from Central and South America as an ornamental plant because of its yellow-orange flowers. It was used by Linnaeus for the genus name for these plants. Thanks for the information. But I have also been crushing up fresh leaves and rub it on my bug mosquito bites as i work in the yard and it stops the itching! The times he eats them are random. Well then… we know they aren’t too toxic to dogs. Thanks for writing. L. camara also attracts butterflies and birds and is frequently used in butterfly gardens. I’ve eaten ripe berries as a trail-side nibble and I am still here. I was on the verge to getting rid of my Lantana, the only thing holding me back was that the humming birds, butterflies, and bees liked it so much. Chis. I like your sense of humor and your forager knowledge. Thank ya’ll it’s very nice learning & teaching. This species may be somewhat invasive in some locations throughout the US. Prefers full sun. Five to ten seconds the pain is gone and most of time the bite will no longer bother you. I know what you mean. Is there anyone else that has had this experience please share with me. Not quite sure why he likes to eat them but I haven’t seen any bad side effects. She also avoids the Oxalis. I have never eaten Lantana but I car tell you this, if you are bitten by a fire ant. Lantana Ham and Eggs is a half-hardy perennial that can be either annual or perennial, depending on winter severity. From what I have read it is antimicrobial, fungicidal, insecticidal and nematicidal properties. Growing up in the Texas sub-tropics we had Lantana growing wild everywhere.. its still one of my favorite flowers. [16], The leaves are broadly ovate, opposite, and simple and have a strong odour when crushed.[17]. how can i be sure. No one told me it can be eaten but as a kid I did try to taste the berry . All other parts of the plant are deadly! That may be the basis for the variations of toxicity. my great dane puppy ate a whole lantana plant yesterday. An increase in Lantanadensity was correlated with a decline in canopy birds (of the canopy microhabitat guilds) and insectivores (of the insectivore foraging guilds). Also animals can eat things humans can and we can eat things they can’t. You would hope for a juicy berry full of flavor, but this is not to be found in our multicolored Lantana. However, white vinegar can be flavored with blossoms such as putting magnolia blossoms into vinegar. A local botanist could do that. This prevents lantana from spreading as birds feed on the berries and scatter the seeds. I’ve never seen her vomit from it only act like a laxative. I smiled at the thought of these Asian birds feasting on our native lantana, a great habitat plant for our area. I am coming across more and more dogs that love to eat the leaves. [6] The formation of dense thickets of L. camara can significantly slow down the regeneration of forests by preventing the growth of new trees.[3]. They do not eat all the year round either. [36], The toxicity of L. camara to humans is undetermined, with several studies suggesting that ingesting berries can be toxic to humans, such as a study by O P Sharma which states "Green unripe fruits of the plant are toxic to humans". Because of dense patches of hard spikes on their rind, ingestion of them can result in serious damage to the digestive tract. On the other hand the University of Texas at Austin says the ripe berries are toxic and Delena Tull in her 1999 book about plants in Texas writes: “Though some previous publications assert that the ripe fruit is edible, experimental studies show that both ripe and unripe fruit are potentially lethal.”. My little dachshund eats the lantana leaves and I have seen no side effects. . [29] This can be particularly destructive in dry, arid areas where fire can spread quickly and lead to the loss of large areas of natural ecosystem. The clusters of flowers borne by the lantana plants, called umbels, are a mix of red, orange, yellow, or blue and white florets. Gledhill, David (2008). Linda, I have always enjoyed the leaves…if you pick just the top 2 buds and then run them through a coffeemaker the leaves come out like spinach…little butter and salt…the water in the coffee pot is the medicinal tea you guys referenced…its very helpful to the gastrointestinal tract…, Hope this is useful…I’ve been using them this way for almost a decade…, I’ll be sure to try the berries when they ripen…I’ve never tried them before, Linda, Never let your pets consume plants that you aren’t completely sure are safe. Lantana is a summer annual in Oklahoma that attracts the western bluebird ready to consume the fruit. I totally agree with you, I had red that it can act as steroid medication without the side effects of the steroid. But I am worried about the effect on local bird life once I get rid of (most of) it. may be i need a little more info about its leave, I tried my first Ripe Lantana Berry Today…I have been curious for years…my bush is a tree! He’s very compassionate and the day we met I told him how much pain I’m in everyday. [10][11] It first spread out of the Americas when it was brought to Europe by Dutch explorers and cultivated widely, soon spreading further into Asia and Oceania where it has established itself as a notorious weed, and in Goa it was introduced by the Portuguese. [6] Instead it grows at the forest edge. The leaves and Green berries are the poisonous parts. Although L. camara is itself quite resistant to fire, it can change fire patterns in a forest ecosystem by altering the fuel load, causing a buildup of forest fuel, which itself increases the risk of fires spreading to the canopy. In most cases, while the bird digests the pith and juice, the seeds travel undamaged through the bird's gut, and … Are you sure of the blossom’s species? Unripe berries have killed children and the foliage has killed livestock. are all the verities of the plant edible, here in Israel, we got MILLIONS of this plant growing everywhere, i can literally go outside right now and come home with bags of fruit and flowers, but i am afraid that it will make me ill Start with exact identification. [8] It has spread from its native Central and South America to around 50 countries,[9] where it has become an invasive species. One of my dogs has bonded with her and he nibbles along with her. Kind of experimental one and I liked it. A large area has just been cleared. Growing Lantana in pots is so easy. In agricultural areas or secondary forests it can become the dominant understorey shrub, crowding out other native species and reducing biodiversity. Also, hungry animals will eat many things not food for them. Credit: Caroline Eastwood / Alamy Stock Photo. My German Shepherd Dog occasionally eats the lantana leaves when he wants to ‘spit up’ some digestive upset.. similar to dogs eating grass .. He’s going on 11 and has been eating the leaves for years and the vet says he’s in great shape for his age. I have been doing this just 2 days and I plan to continue. Noticed 15 or so years ago that it was an ingredient in a commercial meat tenderizing concoction in a Cajun meat rub I had in my kitchen or it might have been in the Zartrain shrimp boil spicing. It was in full bloom. Photo by Green Deane. Although Lantana is considered poisonous the RIPE Lantana berries are a delicacy for many birds. Lantana is a usually a dense shrub, although it can drop its leaves in dry times. Another method of mechanical control is to use fire treatment, followed by revegetation with native species. Boil or toast the berries before eating them. Seasons/Availability Lantana berries may be found year-round, with peak season in the summer. Lantana camara is one of the worst alien invaders here in the warmer parts of South Africa. I ate many many wild plants growing up.. but I dont remember ever trying to eat the Lantana.. Who knows.. Maybe I ate some & survived..

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