How to Catch Spanish Mackerel: Surf Conditions Play a Key Role. Although often misunderstood, kingfish can be extremely fun to catch from the surf. They are all from the “croaker” or “drum” family of fishes which makes them close kin to the redfish and speckled trout. Croaker are excellent to eat, by the way. @fishinvertlab The largest ever recorded anywhere, a three-year-old female caught in a commercial gill net, was more than 21 inches long and weighed 3.3 pounds. Use whatever you are comfortable with. Typically, I fish with up to 3 rods at a time. There is no size or creel limit on kingfish (as of this time). That is when a longer rod really shines. The key to kicking things off seems to be when the water temps climb into the 50’s come springtime. That’s how you ensure they can get the bait inside their small mouths before they steal it. But, there will almost always be some within casting distance. Barnegat Light Beaches (Surf fishing) Barnegat Light offers some great surf fishing with ample opportunities to catch a variety of fish species. Stickbaits can be very expensive but I catch just as many kingfish on cheaper ones too. However, larger whiting do have a tendency to be slightly further out in deeper water. Now, go out there and impress your family with a fresh kingfish dinner! “Their large mouths are orange on the inside and have with one or two rounded teeth at the front of the upper jaw. Finally, since the surf will be tugging at your line and masking bites, at least you have other baits in the water in case your bait was stolen by fish or crabs. Ste 200-408 I Spring, TX 77386 (281) 869-5511. Part of the "croaker" or "drum" family of fishes. January 2019. Based on the surf, we can more easily locate the most productive areas to throw your bait and in turn, catch more fish than the guy next to you! Ste 200-408 I Spring, TX 77386. This helps you to more quickly dial into where the fish are holding and what they are eating that day. Kingfish. As a final option, you could try to wait them out – try fishing another time of the day. They are often confused with the northern kingfish but have a lighter coloration and no dorsal filament or longer spine. Frozen shrimp does not work as well. Whiting aren’t out there chasing down baitfish, so they aren’t going to hit lures as well as other species might. My bait preferences are small pieces of fresh dead shrimp, live sand fleas or Fishbites. That is when a longer rod really shines. It is darker than the gulf kingfish and can have indistinct vertical stripes – typically 7 or 8 of them. I purchased this one from Amazon and it works very well. The most obvious reason for 2 hooks is that it gives you a better shot at getting more bites. Catching kings on lures is a blast! The key is to not give them to much time to think about it. I also find it most efficient to fish with 2 baits per rod by using 2 hook pompano rigs. Catching “Kingfish” In The Surf. In many areas they are available and easy to catch year round. Besides getting your setup right, the time of year is certainly going to have an impact on your odds of success. The longer rods also keep your line above any passing tourists and above crashing waves. But, one thing to keep in mind is that some days you are going to want to be able to cast a 1.5 to 3 ounce sinker. Follow our website for more info www.catfishjoeproductions**** Shown below, from top to bottom, are the Southern, Northern, then Gulf Kingfish. Actually it was the relatively calm of the waves that the angler felt was helping his catch rate. Watch them all and learn how to catch Queenfish and Kingfish. Gulf Kingfish (Whiting) W hen looking for fishing action in Gulf waters this fall and moving into don’t forget the surf. For leaders, I mostly use a two drop pompano rig but you could use a one drop or three drop as well. If you use a single rod you would want to keep moving your bait around until you actually find the zone where they are holding. In case your shrimp gets stolen, the Fishbite is still working for you. Their flesh is not quite as firm as the other two species. A long rod helps me get the bait really far out when needed. *Below is the sand flea rake that I use when gathering mole crabs. As with many species, whiting migrate from offshore into the surf, nearshore, and even inshore areas for their annual springtime spawn. The oceanic whitetip is a true creature of the open ocean and have been the victim of relentless long lining for their large fins which are popular in markets in Asia. It’s not that the whiting won’t be out there, but it’s difficult to get them to bite before a hardhead takes your bait. Sign in. Kingfish can be found roaming the beaches looking for schools of bait fish. Below is the one that I am currently using. Read on to see how you can successfully target the small but feisty whiting. Already a subscriber? Sorry this content is for subscribers only. Whiting, or “kingfish”, are some of the best fish to target from both Atlantic and Gulf coast beaches. mole crab), and if they are seen in the sand, there is a good chance that whiting will be close by. You can use the same bait for multiple caught fish and Fishbites will stay on the hook far better than natural baits. Maybe it has a little deeper area (darker water) or a cut through the sandbar where the current will be washing bait out to sea. Even then, it can occur within a wide range, even for a specific area. You will have to explore the different beach troughs on a given day to find where they might be holding. This helps you to more quickly dial into where the fish are holding and what they are eating that day. However, you might find another nickname from the list below that’s more frequently used in your area. It also reduces your encounters with stingrays. Because I prefer long poles for beach fishing,  I take my 9 to 12 foot surf rods (any length rod is fine) along with several sand spikes and spread them out 5-7 yards apart. It’s best if you can find a section of beach with plenty of coquina clams and sand fleas. Thinking outside the square can lead you to flats that others haven't explored yet. I have also gone surf fishing before with nothing but Fishbites and done very well. This is the reason I don’t typically go with a super light rod for the beach. I never go to the beach without some. Whether you wind and sweep, slow wind or fast wind, they swim really well. Southern Kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus) aka Southern Kingcroaker, Northern Kingfish (Menticirrhus saxiatlis) aka Northern Kingcroaker. I prefer 1/0 circle hooks because they are small enough for pompano and whiting but still plenty big enough to handle larger fish that might pick up my bait. The southern kingfish is another popular fish to catch in the summertime to the fall in Delaware, showing up in the surf, inland bays, and Delaware bay. Sometimes i use beads (orange mostly), sometimes I don’t. In case your shrimp gets stolen, the Fishbite is still working for you. Skates were abundant on all of the beaches as well as spiny dogfish. Typically the same species will be schooling together, but it’s quite possible to catch all three species in a single outing. Trophy striped bass are landed during both fall and spring months. They go for the same baits as their close cousins the sand trout. I know some will recommend different types of hooks but i really like circle hooks for most saltwater fishing as you harm fewer fish that you throw back. Try rivermouths, quiet sandy bays and calm low tide beaches. Learn to all the techniques and how to bait for these fish. I would personally avoid using artificial baits other than a couple proven options. They live mostly in the Gulf where they feed on fish and shellfish but they do come into bays in the winter.”.
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