For most homes, a window type or split system is sufficient. Thanks for signing up, you'll be receiving coupons and deals in no time. Views. im now using LG 1hp manual a/c, my problem is its a bit noisy and ndi n sya nag-aautomatic khit sobrang lamig n ng room. How about Carrier, is it really that good or it is just the brand name that’s why its cost higher? Results for APPLIANCES, CASINO, STEAK and FOOD TRUCKS Showing 10 of 1105 results List. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. any suggested brand? 7 Window Air Conditioner You Should Consider. many people are sayings that split-type is better, but that is not the case in my experience: 2HP- 34,000 (EER- 10.8), C. LG (Inverter) Cons: most expensive type, difficult to install. I just dont know what to buy all i know is split type is a bit expensive, i done even know what brand is good. The lower the number, the quieter it is. Pros: ideal for small rooms, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. any reviews about chigo inverter type a/c? 1. Kenmore. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven with Auto and Time Defrost\, in Stainless Steel, GE Appliances GREA084113 GMV080BAGRSG 8 cuft 2 Door Direct Cool Ref. This is a very big help to those who really need to have units in their home. Views. thank you! Split system: A notch above window types are split systems, which come in either as a package (no outdoor components, but take up room space) or in separate components (indoor and outdoor). My experience with Kelvinator brand na gawa din ng Carrier Concepcion Industries wala pa siyang one year sira na, major parts replaced like the motor and the switches buti na lang under warranty pa siya so wala akong binayad. so silent, and I think okay rin yung electric consumption, nasa 1,800-2,500, depende sa gamit. Haier. aircon pa lang ang nadalaw ko sa plant ng carrier. 2. Best window air conditioners 2020: Frigidaire, GE and Haier window air conditioners to keep you cool By Luke Edwards , Sophie Bird 05 August 2020 Choose the best window air conditioner from this round up including window AC reviews and what to look for before you buy. I’m a satisfied owner of 2 kolin airconditioners,it is very efficient and silent. 2. Just remember that the more functions there, the more expensive. And no matter how tired I am after work, sleeping during the day is not an easy task. P 17,499.00. Yung 2,500 siguro mga 10-12 hours per day yun. Factoring in cost of aircondition units. You might as well buy a new unit that’s much more energy efficient and will last a longer time. However, I knew nothing about it. Results for APPLIANCES, CASINO, FILIPNO and COFFEEE/ESPRESSO Showing 10 of 895 results List. The longer you hold on to it, the less sense to have it fixed since repairing it may not be cost-effective and will likely not do much good in the long haul. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to update the prices on our website in real-time. IF EVER YOU NEED AIRCON SPECIALIST AND MAG SESERVE NG MAS MURANG PRICE NG MGA AIRCONDITIONER KINDLY VISIT ANY LANDERS STORE THANK YOU! mabe boasts innovative designs and intuitive technology developed by their development center which is one of the largest and most advanced in the world. A variant is a multi split system, which is similar to a split system except one outdoor component powers multiple indoor parts, thus is able to cool the entire house instead of just one room. Summers are very extreme for the regions where the sun shines at higher altitudes. mabe, a Mexico-based partner company of GE officially launched its brand in the Philippines, bringing high-quality products with better features to the local market at a more affordable price. I used to own a national panasonic and condura,year 2008,i changed our masters bedrooms airconditioner to a kolin and my electric bill went down from P7k to P5,8k-P6k, after a month i changed my daughters condura to kolin and our bill went down again to around P5,4k. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Inverter: This automatically adjusts the fan and motor speed of the A/C to cool down rooms quickly and more efficiently as well as maintain a constant temperature, which can save on power consumption. This is what sales people will highlight to differentiate their models from competitors. I work nights. The only trusted AIRCON with 10 year warranty on compressor and 5 year warranty on spare parts.-- edited by musicgeek on Oct 22 2020, 01:31 PM Portable: The newer portable air conditioners can be rolled around the house. We provide you valuable information about earning, saving, spending, borrowing, investing, and protecting your wealth. 1.5 HP – 29,800 + 5,500 (Installation) = 35, 300 (EER- 12.6), C. KOPPEL BRAND (Inverter) Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) represents the Yellow Pages (YP) brand—and officially markets YP products and services—in the Philippines. I am planning to buy 1hp lg premium inverter but i’ve learned that lg’s after sales service is poor. Mabe / Categories / Window Aircon. Capacity: 8,440 to 10,550 kJ/hr (kilojoules per hour). Finally decided on getting a Inverter Aircon? A. KOPPEL BRAND (Inverter) (FREE INSTALLATION) Cons: less powerful, can’t be a substitute for standard types. Cons: a bit unsightly, can’t handle big spaces. i’m using 2 units of CARRIER split type “x power gold” since 2014, only regular maintenance done, no damages or abnormalities experienced. i have to switch back to window type AC . I have VS inveter 1hp via Chigo.. Base on my observation when we cool 24sqm 24/7 our meralco bill is around 5k. CARRIER (Non-Inverter) (OPTIMA TECHNOLOGY) so feeling ko ung motor nya tuloy2 lng ung takbo which i guess is the cause kung bakit medyo mataas kuryente ko. 1 HP- 24,000 + 5,500 (Installation fee) = 29, 500 (EER 13.8) FIRST CHOICE (LESSER PRICE THAN STORE #1) How is LG’s after sales service?? Mabe aircon has all qualities to become a must-needed appliance in the households of the Philippines. The most crucial factor to consider when buying an A/C is its size, which should be based on how big your room is. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thirty four degrees Celsius is not “warm.” It’s the “Sahara Desert.” Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but summer nights can be awfully hot. AUX AIRCON is exclusively distributed by St. Francis Square Group of Companies through Great Buys Home Depot Inc. Window air conditioners are still widely used in the Philippines. Conventional units are still sold in the Philippines. Should a shop not offer prices in your local currency, we may calculate the displayed price on daily updated exchange rates. I have Samsung Wall mount AC too. GE Appliances Philippines products can be purchased on iPrice with up to 20% discounts. If it’s too large, it may cool your room fast but it will feel damp and humid since there isn’t enough time to remove moisture. We can also get good ideas and advices from famousacandheat, try to check guys. 1. Bka po may alam kayo n mapagkakatiwalaan n magaling gumawa ng air con? 1. SEE YOU THERE. not too bad for a “budget” brand. Aside from the room area, you should also take into account factors like ceiling height, other appliances, natural light, number of occupants, and adjust the required cooling capacity and horsepower accordingly. i didnt see the samsung brand on the what to buy.. any reason or product review? I heard condura is less expensive and yet durable but its EER is only 10.4 compared to lg which is 15.8. 1. White are the most popular options amongst many GE Appliances buyers. The prices stated may have increased since the last update. im planning to buy LG because it’s cheaper but lower BTU. So I was planning to buy an A/C. With a price list that ranges between ₱ 4,195.00 to ₱ 199,106.00, you can get your hands on some of the best products from GE Appliances. Pros: efficient, quiet, cools entire house. I was told by the developer that I can buy the split type, the outdoor component will go to the provisioned space by the wall of the building and the indoor component will be where I want it to be but installation requires ripping off part if the cemented wall. So whether you’re replacing a unit or buying for the first time, there are five things you should consider: Air conditioners come in at least four types: window, split, centralized, and portable. [December, 2020] The best GE Appliances price in Philippines starts from ₱ 425.00. 2HP- 28,000 + 5500 (Installation) = 33, 500 (EER- 10.8), E. EVEREST BRAND (Non Inverter) Which do you think is better? 1.5 HP- 27,100 + 5,500 (Installation fee) = 32, 600 (EER 14.5), D. KOPPEL BRAND (NON-Inverter) (but same structural style with the inverter) Hi can you pls help me. Horsepower: 1.5 or 2.0 HP. Mabe Appliances MEI18VR (2hp) Mabe Appliances MEV18VQ (2hp) Mabe Appliances MEE07VQ (.8hp) Mabe Appliances MEE09VQ (1hp) Mabe Appliances MEE09VV (1hp) Compact Size. Look for a model that has air flow control steps, air direction control, and a remote control. GE Repair Solutions Singapore is a GE certified gas repair Center of Excellence in the region, serving gas power generation customers across Asia and around the world. Thanks for the post! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Select to compare. pls. Click here to check out the wide range of window type inverter aircon from Panasonic Philippines now! I only replaced it since we transferred to a our own house with a bigger room and the space is beyond her capacity already. Best Window Air Conditioners in the Philippines 2020. Mabe Appliances MEI09VR (1hp) Mabe Appliances MEI12VR (1.5hp) Mabe Appliances MEI24VR (2.5hp) 1HP- 30,000 (EER- 13.8) (SECOND CHOICE) But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. So if you’re a light sleeper, look for a unit that runs quietly in the background, not blaring scandalously. GE Appliances GTV085KCBRLS/LS 8.2 cuft 2 Door No Frost Ref Grey, GE Appliances AEE07KP .8hp Digital Window Aircon White, GE Appliances GMWA302811 JEI2030WPSL 20L Manual Microwave Oven Silver, GE Appliances GWTA910503 GDV20FTNLG Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Compartment White, GE Appliances GACA413601 AEV07KP .8hp Manual Window Aircon, GE Appliances GREA084313 GMV130BAGRSG 11.5 cuft 2 Door Direct Cool Ref Silver, GE Appliances GACA414801 GE Profile AED07KP .8hp Digital Window Aircon White, GE Appliances GACA413801 AEV12KP 1hp Manual Window Aircon, GE Appliances GWTA910603 GDV25FTNLG Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Chiller White, GE Appliances AEE09KP 1hp Digital Window Aircon, GE Appliances GACA413901 AEV18KP 2hp Manual Window Aircon, GE Appliances GACA413701 AEV09KP 1hp Manual Window Aircon, GE Appliances GACA414001 AEV24KP 2.5hp Manual Window Aircon, GE Appliances GMV070BAYRAG/RAW 6.6cuft 2 Door Direct Cool Ref Silver, GE Appliances GREA014733 GAV055BAYRAL 5.2 cuft Single Door Ref Grey, GE Appliances AEE12KP 1.5hp Digital Window Aircon, GE Appliances AEE18KP 2hp Digital Window Aircon, GE Appliances AEE24KP 2.5hp Digital Window Aircon, GE Appliances GREA084213 GMV090BAGRSG 9 cuft 2 Door Direct Cool Ref, GE Appliances GTV105KCBRSH/SH 8.2 cuft 2 Door No Frost Ref, GE Appliances XWFE GE XWF Refrigerator Water Filter White, GE Appliances GTV120KCBRSH/SH 12 cuft 2 Door No Frost Ref Silver, GE Appliances GE Ahq06Lz Window Air Conditioner with 6000 BTU Cooling Capacity\, 3 Fan Speeds\, 115 Volts\, in White, GE Appliances GE Ahy08Lz Smart Window Air Conditioner with 8000 BTU Cooling Capacity\, Wifi Connect\, 3 Fan Speeds\, 115 Volts\, White, GE Appliances GE Ahy10Lz Smart Window Air Conditioner with 10\,000 BTU Cooling Capacity\, Wifi Connect\, 115 Volts\, White, GE APPLIANCES GE Jes1072Shss 0.7 Cu. “worst ac ever built,company refuses to talk to customers” Written on: 01/04/2020 by winnhill (1 review written) brand new split system, mother board is defective , tried three different ac contractors all said the same exact thing, cant get gree to send them a replacement mother board. i didnt see the samsung brand on the what to buy.. any reason or product review? Cons: more expensive, require professional installation. Available in LazMall by Lazada ₱ 23,995.00 ₱ 23,995.00 Go to Shop. Meet The World’s Smallest Window Type Air Conditioner, Kapsul W5. very informative, nice to find this site and to know we have one (in the phils). Blk 3 Lt. 5, Main Drive FCIE Compound, Bgy. National Panasonic aircon is highly recommended. Although not as classy as split-type ACs, window aircon units are much affordable and are a great choice for those who have limitation in space. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Moody’s affirms China Bank’s investment grade rating, stable outlook, Rex E-Store offers new learning solutions to help learners and teachers cope with the new normal of education, China Bank, CBS observe longer banking hours, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao developers emerge victorious at 8th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards, All-new TC Shopping Plaza opens in Tutuban Center, brings the ALCATEL FLASH PLUS to the Philippines, SSS opens COVID-19 Calamity Loan Assistance Program; online applications accepted. Horsepower: 2.5 or 3.0 HP unit Capacity: 24,266 to 35,872 kJ/hr. Central ducted: A centralized system uses an indoor unit linked to an outdoor compressor unit that pumps cool air through flexible ductwork around your house. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. PLANT. Let's say that you are given a choice between two 10,000 kilojoules air conditioning units. Good am guys..planning to buy 1.5hp split type inverter ac..a friend suggested daikin ac..any reviews or personal experience with this brand?its a little more expensive than the more famous brands..thanks for all the inputs, I am planning to buy a new split type of aircon. The aircon also differ in their feature set and price; therefore, it is upon the buyer to choose the right product that suits the necessities appropriately. THIS COMING NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER 2, 2018 WE WILL BE HAVING A MASSIVE SALE ON ALL ITEMS.. UP TO 80% OFF THIS IS THE MOST AWAITED SALE OF THE YEAR!!.. And they have had this reoccuring problem with electrical boards which are too sensitive to fluctuations in electricity, and each time the elecrical boards failed I had to pay over P5,000 to replace them, parts & labor. we have been trying for 12 days to get our ac to work. Original review: Aug. 19, 2019. Torn between getting Carrier Xpower Gold 1hp or Kolin 1hp. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. 1. There are both split type and window type air conditioners available under this brand. UNION UGAIR-9000 1.0HP ROOM AIRCON(MANUAL) P 11,450.00. 1.5 HP- 33,500 (EER- 14.5), B. KOPPEL BRAND (NON – Inverter) (FREE INSTALLATION) ... me and my wife like this as this is the identical size with our old (condura) aircon. PANASONIC CW-XC84JPH 3/4HP REMOCON W.TYPE AIRCON. Kaya nun bumili ako ng new aircon pinagaralan ko na maigi ang mga bagay bagay about sa aircon at nag Panasonic na ako marami ako nababasa one of the best ang Panasonic both quality and service. This is what we should have before choosing and buying air conditioning unit. Horsepower: 1.0 HP or below unit. Hello. Keep cool in the heat with our line of built-in, in-window and portable air conditioners, and see how our energy star qualified models can help keep your power bill low. Buy Now. Samsung’s after sales service is simply dismal and self-serving, with no real compassion for its customers. In a hot climate, you will sweat more, leading to dehydration. I just bought this condo unit that includes floor mounted Carrier AC in the bedrooms but the brand does not make them anymore. Inveter is good in terms of tempeture control and savings. Different types of products like GE Appliances Appliances are sold by GE Appliances. The hot summer’s near and it’s time to turn the A/C on. 1.5 HP- 33,600 (EER- 10.3), A. CONDURA (Inverter) 1.5 HP 34, 398 + 5000 (INSTALLATION FEE) = 39, 398 (EER- 14.3), B. Need help here guys. Get the latest deals and coupons right in your inbox! Compare top models from GE Appliances in Philippines, find the cheapest new/second-hand products, read reviews, specifications, and the latest GE Appliances price list at iPrice! In the meantime the conventional Samsung 1HP unit we installed in our guest bedroom purrs along with no repairs at all. Window Aircon. But my sister’s friend who had an appliance shop said that the Hitachi one was bad, and recommended that we get the Carrier instead (more expensive by a few thousand pesos). The critical aspect is efficiency, which affects electricity consumption. So far the Samsung brand is not recommended here. 1HP- 27,000 + 3500 (INSTALLATION FEE) = 30,500 (EER-11.98) Don’t just look for the initial purchase price but the total cost of ownership. 1. You made my life a whole lot easier! For every point difference in EER, you save 10% in electricity cost. 1. MoneySense is the country's only magazine on personal finance. – so hard to find a stable secure place to put the outside component 1.5 HP- 30,000 + 4500 ( INSTALLATION FEE)= 34,500 (EER- 12.29), D. SAMSUNG (Inverter) (FREE INSTALLATION) Sana nga lang di ren ako magsisi.-- edited by majorpayne on Apr 16 2016, 09:55 AM Some models indicate their low and high indoor and outdoor noise levels in decibels (dB). It is not the inverter type,and yet it is very efficient!!!! GE Appliances Philippines. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The best-selling products from GE Appliances Philippines include GTV085KCBRLS/LS 8.2 cuft 2 Door No Frost Ref Grey, AEE07KP .8hp Digital Window Aircon White and GMWA302811 JEI2030WPSL 20L Manual Microwave Oven Silver. Last year, we bought a 1.0 HP Carrier Inverter Aircon (Window Type).We originally planned to buy the cheaper Hitachi one, which we already had in another room. If you’re buying an air conditioner for the first time or need to replace your ancient model, here’s a checklist of what to look for. Budget is 10k. EER, Durability and after sale service are my top3 things to consider. Thanks. Select to compare. I have 2 kolin inverter split types (1hp and 2hp units). I follow the 6-month cleaning/service schedule and so far the kolin contractors have been ok. no horror stories. Best Portable Air Conditioner Fans in the Philippines. – cleaning the unit is more difficult im planning to buy a Samsung window type, me and my wife like this as this is the identical size with our old (condura) aircon. anyone here using everest brand, window type or split type? Your choice depends on your space requirements and budget. Yesterday, i bought anothet one, very good brand for me. Refine Window: This is the most common type for home use, particularly for small rooms, installed through a window or a hollow area of a wall. Langkaan I, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines . Pros: portable, cheaper, consume less energy, simple to install. Split Type versus Window Type Air Conditioner. These cookies do not store any personal information. 1. So what exactly should you look for? Large: For rooms between 50 and 72 sq.m. Investing in air-conditioners will reduce the sweat … Do not make the same mistake I made…get a Carrier! MoneySense Online Newsletter Subscription. Please help…thank you! But if you have a big house, centralized air conditioning may be a better option. Air Conditioners Philippines: Keep cool at home with inverter window and split type air conditioners, portable air conditioners, air purifiers, ... HD Ready Basic TV and Window Type Aircon Bundle ₱14,998 . One unit owner said it cost her P100,000+++ for the unit and the installation sometime September 2013. 5 Horsepower. Haier Philippines helps you discover a wide range of home electronics with Refrigerators,Freezers,Washing Machines,Air Conditioners,TVs,Free Standing Ranges,Commercial Air Conditioners,Haier Medicals. Capacity: 12,661 to 22,156 kJ/hr. I’ve learned a lot regarding finding the best air conditioning unit, efficiency is one of the most considered thing when choosing and having air conditioners. Same as RIchard problem. If Carrier brand, bit expensive,high BTU but lower EER. both are functioning as well as they have been since new, are still quiet and still very cold. PANASONIC CW-XC94JPH 1HP REMOCON W.TYPE AIRCON. Electric fans just won’t do it and if you’re still keeping your decrepit 80s- or 90s-era air conditioner, you’ll wonder if it has miraculously transformed into a heater or at least a glorified blower. Models with inverters are a little more expensive but they can save 30%-50% in electricity. . You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Which one is better please… TIA. 2. UNION UGAIR-5000 0.5HP ROOM AIRCON(MANUAL) P 7,450.00. Carrier Crystal Inverter (FP-53CVES010) 1HP, Inverter ₱34,998 ₱39,998 13% . What do you guys think about daikin inverter split type? I bought a GE GE AEZ12AVL2 AIR CONDITIONER not 2 years ago and it already quit. planning to buy window type aircon, 1HP for 30 sqm unit. They can also be wall mounted, floor mounted, or ceiling suspended. GE. We bought it for 9,600 Philippine pesos. 2. Any suggestions po for under 1HP AC? : (046) 402-0690. CARRIER (Non Inverter) (OPTIMA Technology) what is the best ac split type. Pros: cools bigger space better, sleek and compact design, quieter. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Many air conditioners are noisier than your snoring spouse, which makes sleeping a bigger challenge. Dehumidifier: Removes some the humidity in the room without having to cool the room, so this should. The average life expectancy of an air conditioner is around 10 years, after which it starts having more problems. how about the energy efficiency? Unit 206 Great Wall Bldg., 136 Yakal Street, San Antonio, Makati City 1203. 1HP- 30,698 + 4500 (INSTALLATION FEE) = 35, 198 (EER- 14.0) (too pricy) . Select to compare. 2. Can anybody tell me if any of the reliable brands still make floor mounted AC (not the floor standing split type)? 2HP- 23,500 + 5,500 (Installation) = 29,000 (EER 10.3), GOOD DAY!.. If it’s too small for your room, it will not be cool enough and your air conditioner has to work harder, thus consuming more energy and jacking up your electricity bill. im keeping my eye on koppel or kolin, my budget is 30k only. Excited to buy my A/C. I’m looking to purchase one of the following brands: Carrier, Kolin, Condura, Panasonic or LG. Any advise which brand is better? It is a joint venture between the two giants in the air-conditioning industry: Concepcion Industries, Inc. (CII) is the industry leader in the Philippine air conditioning market and the dominant name in the appliance industry through such brands as Carrier, Condura and Kelvinator. I agree with Arnel, bought my Koppel 2HP Inverter split-type about 5 months ago. When your home works, everything works. So thanks to you Carlos for posting. My friends, do not buy a Samsung Wall mounted air conditioner of any type. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Salamat! 1. Samsung may make great cell phones, but their air conditioners are not reliable, I wish I had invested in Carrier air conditioners, as I can’t help but notice that most major commercial establishments in the Phils utilize Carrier. my mothers aircon window type is still running smooth we bought it last April 2000… yes… 20 years and still working… its CARRIER Silencia. What you should look for is an Energy Star rating, expressed in EER (energy efficiency ratio), which indicates how good an air conditioner is at turning electricity into cooling. Today, more than one third of Singapore’s power and cogen installed capacity is served by GE’s Power Services. To get the yellow Energy Star label, the unit must have a 10.7 EER. Need your help guys. Buy Now. Any thoughts on other brands please? Air Direction: You’re A/C is installed usually at either side of a wall, rarely at the center, so you need to direct airflow toward one side. – after a few months, the connection started getting bite marks, probably from rats Aircon is the most-needed appliance during the summer seasons. Tel. Top 10 Cheapest Aircon 1HP Window Type in the Philippines. 1. It was a General Electric Window-Type Aircon with 0. Samsung air con is junk and so are the refrigerates, tv are ok. Just a post I was looking for. Its so confusing.. 1st time buyer here.hehe Thank u! 1.5 HP – 31, 998 + 5000 (INSTALLATION) = 36, 998 (EER- 12.6), A. KOLIN BRAND (Inverter) I bought one after our wedding last Jan 2014, until now it is running well. 1. we have a 5 year old General Electic air conditioner at home, GE makes some of the finest air conditioners out ther.-**. 1.5 HP – 31, 000 + 4500 (Installation) = 35, 500 (EER-11.8-14.2), B. For most rooms, small- and mid-sized air conditioners are enough. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Thank you for any thoughts that you may share with me. Thank you! Fax: (046) 599-0793 2. When we try to cool 10sqm 10pm to 7am then 24sqm 7am to 10pm our meralco bill is drop to 3k. For living rooms and kitchens, a portable unit will suffice. 1HP- 30, 500 (EER-14.0) (have doubt of this brand, so many complaints) I need another one for the living space. Review Tube 75,211 views. Don’t buy Samsung AC. UPDATE RE: my October 16, 2017 at 10:56 PM where i stated that after using 1 week of using a 1.5HP non inverter window type aircon and 3 weeks of 1.5 split type inverter aircon (bill was P6,439.96 from the previous months' P8,450.85 using the NON INVERTER aircon for 16-18 hours). There are generally three sizes for window and split type units: Small: For rooms smaller than 25 sq.m. The sunlight as well as the scorching hot temperature we have here in the Philippines is making it impossible to get enough sleep. One has an EER of 8.3 and consumes 1,200 watts, and the other has an EER of 10 and consumes 1,000 watts. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Mabe - GE Partner Appliances, Pasig. Air conditioners manufactured after October 2000 should have at least a 9.7 EER. 1HP- 25,500 + 5,500 (Installation)= 31,000 (EER- 13.6) Top 10 Brands Of Central Air-Conditioners Mas ok pa rin ang semi no frost (yung may konting ice sa paligid just in case na magbrown out) meron cgro na warehouse sale sa plant ng concepcion-carrier na condura and kelvinator w/c is subok na po. this june, they will both be 3 years old. I bought two of them over a year ago, at a cost of over P70,000 for both units.
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