Luckily one dwarf crayfish and one betta can live in a 5-gallon tank together (A great tank for dwarf crayfish and bettas is the Fluval Spec 5 Gallon). Food Habits of Dwarf Orange Crayfish. The plants provide her a great deal of coverage so she can feel more secure. Fluval Fx4 Canister Filter Review (Is It Worth It? . If it's a bad idea, what would be the ideal way to stock with a dwarf orange crayfish? I’d say go for one pair first and maybe get another pair if it turns out you enjoy keeping them! One of the best reasons for keeping dwarf crayfish with your betta is … Sorry about the late reply. My dwarf crays never touched any shrimp, so I think that would be possible if the tank is large enough (10-15 gallons). Possible tank mates for Cajun Dwarfs Post by Mothi » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:03 pm I want to set up a 6.6g bookshelf type tank with some Eco-Complete and live plants for some Cajun Dwarf Crayfish but thinking about the full details of it. I do know that CPO (orange dwarf crays) are a pretty stable color type, so if you want to be sure your cray doesn’t turn brown I think those are your best bet. Good luck . You could try looking for aquarium stores that sell online if shipping live animals is allowed in your country! Or just the other junk that builds up into water when time passes. That being said, cpo’s are not that aggressive compared to other crayfish, so you could give it a try. Hello,i was wondering if a cute little dwarf crawfish would fit in well with my 4 neon tetra and one yellow(one eyed but well loved)glow fish in there 10 gallon tank? Hi, my name is Will and Im owning two blue electric dwarf crayfish. Dwarf crayfish need a pH level between 6.5 – 8 and bettas need a pH as close to 7 as possible. Too aggressive and they’ll fight each other. or are they a species that likes to be in pairs? The last thing you want to do is buy a dwarf crayfish that is carrying a lot of diseases, which could potentially infect your whole tank. In a large enough group, tiger barbs are known to be less nippy. How about you? And if the pebbles are too big they may also get their legs trapped in between the gaps. At night the box comes off, and I can tend to her container in dim light, and that’s when she gets a 5-step water test every day, so she is in pristine water, with plants and daily food. Thai micro spider crabs are extremely peaceful and should always be surrounded by similarly peaceful tankmates. Dwarf Crayfish Tank Mates (Cambarellus Sp. And the chances are no tank mate will be safe either. 9 So Can You Keep Dwarf Crayfish And Bettas Together? However, make sure you’re feeding them a balanced diet otherwise they’ll become unhealthy. He hilarious and fun to watch. Dwarf crayfish are very uncommon in my country I guess. While they get along with a much larger variety of tankmates than large crayfish, they may still pick on snails and very small fish or shrimp. He currently lives with my male Betta and I was told at the pet store that my cray would make for a good roommate. Luckily, though, things are a little different with dwarf crays. ), Best Betta Fish Tanks (Top 5 Fish Tanks For Bettas), Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Review (A Tank For Bettas?). Dwarf crayfish love to hide, so lots of hiding spots are definitely necessary to prevent stress and territorial battles. I just got a big surprise seeing many black eggs under the tail of one of them. Hoping to have babies some day. It’s pretty harmless in itself but it’s an indicator of bad water quality or can point to your crayfish not feeling too well. It’s best to stick with small fish. Be careful, they are very territorial, if you have a small tank with no hidding places, male and female can kill each other. Hi! And lastly, your substrate should either be sand or very small fine pebbles. It would be planted and filterd with aa hob filter, I wouldhave a lot of hiding places too. Secondly, unfortunately, a dwarf crayfish doesn’t have a very long lifespan. As long as pH, gH and kH are relatively high (and stable!) You should also check out hornwort and anacharis as well! Hi! Large and/or aggressive fish and other creatures are not a good fit for Mexican Dwarf Crayfish. Dwarf Crayfish. The tank has a bubbler and is kept in a dark spot so she has minimal stress. And remember even though your dwarf crayfish is a scavenger you should still make sure you’re feeding them food that will nourish them. Can my dream of a shrimp kingdom with a dashing orange ruler come true or would a crayfish be the end of an empire?? So far, I’ve done almost nothing other than what I described, and briefly tried a slow, constant water change, basting out the water to just above her, and then adding clean water, creating slightly enhanced current that gently pushed against her, appearing to loosen some of the remaining molt tissue. None of the rocks look disturbed. Your dwarf crayfish will need a lot of places to hide, especially when they molt. You can find these fish in a series of main rivers and lakes in this region, such as the Chalakudy River and Lake Vembanad. They show much more personality towards each other and even towards you. This makes it a prime candidate for small or nano aquariums, such as 5 to 10 gallon tanks. Hikari Crab Cuisine is a great food source for your dwarf crayfish and when it’s combined with other sources of food your crayfish is going to get all the nutrients it requires. In this video, I tell you everything you need to know about keeping feeding and breeding Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish, also known as the CPO Crayfish. According to the study, despite the fact that 17 currently recognized taxa have been described in, or assigned to, the genus Cambarellinae, little analysis of the genus exists.They all look very similar, they are all small (about 4-5 cm or 2 inches) and can be called dwarf crayfish. I know I’ve seen my crays bend their bodies a few times, like they were trying to reach their tail. A slight hint of blue or orange is also sometimes seen, but is usually limited to the pincers. would you recommend adding another one orange/neon red or should they live on their own ? Could I fit any other fish in with them? I’ve read CPO’s CAN be pretty fragile due to selective breeding in which case higher gH would probably be better. They don’t react well to nitrites and ammonia. Many kinds of fish can live harmoniously with the gouramis. My crays have sucessfully molted several times. Are you sure it’s a fungus? Good luck . Hides are extra important when a crayfish has just molted, as it will be very vulnerable for the first few hours. It’s pretty difficult to tell as they’ll be hiding when moulting and you can’t disturb them, so I guess there’s no way of really knowing. I live in The Netherlands. So as long as the temperature is good enough for your betta it’s going to be good enough for your crayfish as well. Sorry about the late reply! If you get pebbles that are too large or sharp your crayfish might cut themselves on it. And of course, make sure you’re definitely buying the right type of dwarf crayfish. Dwarf orange crayfish actually don't display aggression at all except during the occasional short territorial squabble with their own species. My male is kind of rough on the female when they mate. When housing a betta and dwarf crayfish together you’re also going to want to make sure the water conditions are right. Before you decide to introduce dwarf crayfish into your tank, there’s a lot of information you’re going to need to know. mabey fry but if you fry get picked off by the dwarf crays then you can thank mother nature for giving you better fry in the future . The problem is that they can nip off the antennae periodically. Unfortunately you were very wrongly informed at the store. They are most vulnerable when they’ve shed their shell so it’s important you give them places to hide. The small size of the Cajun Dwarf crayfish has its pros and cons. all others, though some can stand the temperature for short periods, need unheated temperate environments. Not only are these dried leaves beneficial to your water quality: crayfish will also eat them when they start breaking down. I am keeping them in a hi tech tank with CO2… is anyone else doing this? If you want to reduce the chance of your betta attacking your dwarf crayfish buy a tank with a lot of height. as i was looking to find out which crayfish my son bought in a petstore – it first seemed that it was a cpo – but i think as it is quite big and looks like this one in the picture – Hi I am starting a shrimp tank and have pigmy cories about half an inch I was wondering if I could have the dwarf cray with them and if it would kill them and too many baby shrimp because my colony is not very big yet thanks! The mystery snail also needs to go into the 20 because a 10 is too small to handle its bioload. A food I sometimes feed them, wardley shrimp pellets, break up fast in the water and become a soft fluffy lump, so…. You may want to avoid s… Unlike most other crayfish they are peaceful and suitable for some types of community tanks. How do I treat that? Four days of this and she is still clearly fighting to stay alive, so I am right there for her, though I am so scared to try the dr. pepper/milk thing, however the source of that advice is the man who sold them to me, who really knows a lot about crayfish, raising many types and really trying to be caring with his advice to me. as to the OP's question. Finding a suitable tankmate for your betta isn’t always the easiest task in the world. Dwarf crayfish are mainly found in Mexico and southern parts of the USA. I was wondering if it would be suitable to add 2-4 dwarf crayfish. So if you’ve never housed other tank mates with your betta before you’re really rolling the dice. Wow, thanks for the heads up, that surprises me. I’d wait until you set up the 20 gal because your stock in the 10 gal right now is not ideal as is. . The Fish Nerd 51,714 views. She loves eating the leaves. Electric Blue Crayfish Tank Mates. Any other crayfish species. Unfortunately, later at nigh I noticed a very strange behaviour from the female cray..she staggers while she walk, like limping and rapidly dash backwards a few rimes..I couldn’t find out why. Just make sure it doesn’t fall below 6.5. Plants, wood and piles of rocks are all great options and they will especially love a shrimp flat. Hi! Thanks. – also ate already 3 fish in 4 days (3 guppies, one betta) – should it be alone in the tank are maybe only with another one Reply. All these species can live inoffensively with Gouramis. You can buy orange dwarf crayfish (CPO) online here! I suspect it may be because blue is not a naturally occuring color in dwarf crays. Or would that be too much? I have never dealt with a cray stuck in molt, but I don’t think there is much more you can do. You may want to read the common goldfish caresheet here or the fancy goldfish caresheet here depending on what type of goldfish you have! Dwarf crayfish thrive in a water body with a pH value of between 6.5 and 8.0, and a temperature of 21°C – 26°C. So sorry for the long note. Brazos Dwarf crayfish will definitely try to catch small snail species (for example, bladder (pest) snails (read the guide about them) that do not have a trapdoor to protect itself. Immediately removing her to a small plastic 16 oz. So any food that your betta doesn’t eat your crayfish will eat off the substrate. Prior to the molt, she was missing a front claw. I already have 7 neons, 3 cory cats, 2 siamese algae eaters and 1 ottocinclus. I’ll probably never find one. It should also have a slow flowing current. Dwarf orange crayfish tankmates. also, how big of a tank should i use for breeding them? If you have at least an 8 gallon setup that would be fine. Dwarf crayfish tankmates: When it comes tank mates, dwarf crayfish don’t limit your options like their bigger cousins do. Couples/trios of almost all of them do fine in a tank of at least around 15.5″/40cm. Breeding dwarf crayfish is not too difficult and actually quite similar to breeding dwarf shrimp. Keep an eye out for heightened ammonia, nitrite and maybe unusual temperature differences. Also, one last question – the first Cray I got was electric blue, but the second one once she molted went from blue to brown. So sorry to hear about your crayfish. More peaceful than the rest of the Crayfish, the Dwarf Crayfish will make a decent helper in keeping your aquarium’s snail infestation under control. container, she is now alone with no threat from other creatures, has her water replaced constantly and kept extremely clean/good basic levels upon a 5-part strip test. . Do you have any advice on where I can start looking as I am sure I will not ba able to import the live stock. Hi! Your tank should be filled with live plants, driftwood, and other decorations. Those zebra danios (caresheet here belong in a larger tank, so if you can move them to the 20 that would be great. Some great pics can be danios, red tail shark, tiger barbs, etc. Can A Plecostomus And Betta Live Together? I figured the “puffer” part was a typo, no worries! I’m really sorry I can’t be of more help; you’re already doing basically everything possible. Dwarf Mexican Crayfish and other Dwarf Species of Crayfish. A lot of animals are illegal to import there though I think. Trios of the smallest types, like Cambarellus shufeldtii (Cajun dwarf crayfish), can even be kept in 12″/30cm aquariums as long as there are multiple hiding places for every one of them. You can also try feeding color enhancing food, but I’m not sure how effective that is. The type of fish you can keep depends on the type of crayfish. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices here. Dwarf Crayfish Tank Mates (Cambarellus Sp. To be on the safe side, I would only keep maybe 2-3 dwarf crayfish in a 10/12 gallon tank. You should also feed your dwarf crayfish and betta live food every so often as a treat. Hi. As well as this, the bigger the tank the less likely your betta will want to attack your dwarf crayfish. they are the Australian Redclaw and the Mexican dwarf cray. Tank Mates That Will Definitely Not Work. Generally, aquarists will pair Dwarf Crayfish with fish species that stick to the top of the water column. Jack Dempsey Fish (Rocio Octofasciata) Care Sheet, Redtail Loach {Yasuhikotakia modesta} Care Guide,, All kinds of leaf litter will work, though. Most of the time the only thing that’s going to decide whether your betta will fight or not is his own temperament. I honestly don’t think dwarf crayfish would get along with African dwarf frogs too well, especially if you have a smaller tank. Thanks for your great article and answering all these posts. It is a freshwater Shrimp that is incredibly peaceful and renowned for its algae eating capabilities. Babies. This makes it a prime candidate for small or nano aquariums, such as 5 to 10 gallon tanks. They can survive in water between 65-80°F. I’m very worried. God bless. I had three CPO crayfish. This listing is for 1 breeding pair, so each kit includes 1 male and 1 female crayfish. fast-swimming fish such as Danios, avoid other bottom dwellers as they will be harassed, tank mates big enough to eat the crayfishand and long-finned nano fish such as Guppies. You can read more about Indian almond leaves here. The fry will stay with the mother for a short while (up to a few days), still hiding between the swimmerettes. I use Salty Shrimp minerals (I wonder if they put iodine in this to help shrimp molt?) You can get a male/female pair or even a trio with two females and one male, that should work well and even result in some offspring! A silly question maybe, but was the tank in question cycled? One went missing for about a week and I found it yesterday pretty much decomposed under a seashell when doing the water change. But remember, even though they’re small they’re territorial, so if you plan on having more than one in a tank you’re going to need to give them lots of space. In most parts of the world it’s the perfect weather for moving fish to a pond, and I really urge you to do so. Cambarellus shuffeldtii - Cajun Dwarf Crayfish Caridina multidentata - Amano Shrimp Otocinclus ssp - Any of the many Oto species Any "Pleco" regardless of size (so I've heard, not from experience) ... (including by me when I was planning tank mates to go with Cherry Shrimp). Sorry not puffer , I mean Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish, I wrote Puffer by accident. Dwarf Crayfish; Although dwarf crayfish looks like a shrimp, it is actually part of the crayfish family. If you’re worried you can also add a bubbler to your tank which won’t upset your betta and will give your crayfish enough oxygen! Small snails, baby shrimp and bamboo shrimp may be damaged by dwarf crayfish, but apart from that they’re usually harmless and will fit into most community tanks that don’t contain larger, hungry fish. Sorry to hear you’ve had some bad experiences with crayfish in the past – I think dwarf crayfish are a great choice, as they do stay small and peaceful. As for the hiding, the most logical reason I can come up with is that your cray needs to molt. I adore her and want to treat her right, with God watching. Common goldfish and especially koi are not suitable for life in any type of aquarium (not even temporarily) and you should move them to a proper pond as soon as possible. Freshwater fish tankmates for these crays often include: If they don’t molt often enough they will die, so it should be a priority if you notice it’s not happening. Mari. Water with high mineral content – talking about hard or medium-hard water – is beneficial for the formation of their exoskeleton. 2 female, 1 male in a 15gal tank with a single male guppy. I love her very much; her name is Brownie, and she is a trooper. Sara. I am eager to get a few mexican orange crayfish and i am afraid they will kill all that moves in the tank. Any other crayfish species. As mentioned in this article the minimum is 30 cm which comes down to about 5 gallons, and that’s for the smallest dwarf crays like shufeldtii. Uhh… I have to disagree with the guppies, because I tried that combination. Hi Mari, It will make the discussion a whole lot easier to understand! (60 l tank) ? I did a water change and he seemed healthy and feisty but he eventually wandered back into his rock cave. They are living with my cherry shrimp. If the eggs are dark colored, they are fertilized and will hatch into tiny copies of the parents in around 3-4 weeks. Definitely worth a try. Is there any reason to add a pair? My Mom was disabled and so I am more than ready to feed her, keep her safe and accommodate her needs. Try and avoid keeping them with small invertebrates since they would become their predators, especially Bamboo or Baby Shrimp. I’ve owned two crayfish in the past but sadly they got way too big for the tank (and a little too hostile) and I had to give them back to my local fish shop. Due to their size, dwarf crayfish make a great option for nano aquariums. Mexican Dwarf Crayfish eggs are … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can I keep 4 in a 10/ 12 gallon with lots of hides and no other fish or snails? That’s all I can make of it right now, sorry! Alot of fish/inverts are illegal in most states of Australia, but the state I live in has less illegal fish/inverts. Dwarf orange crayfish tankmates. The crayfish you're describing would probably wreak havoc on the shrimps and in any case should be kept in a larger tank. I also feed her Hikari Crab Cuisine and their bottom feeder tablets, though it was the wardley shrimp pellets that break up the best as soon as you put them in the water, becoming a mushy ball that I watched her eat from several times since this began.
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