Codium adhaerens C.Agardh Codium bursa (Linnaeus) C.Agardh - has been found in Mulroy Bay in County Donegal in 1977 (specimen in the Ulster Museum) and 1988. Lingue. These may be up to 1 m in length. There is an old record of it from "near Belfast " between 1793 and 1810. Codium bursa. Species: Codium reediae Species: Codium repens P. and H. Crouan Ex Vickers Species: Codium ritteri Setchell and Gardner, 1903 Species: Codium saccatum Species: Codium setchellii Gardner, 1919 Species: Codium simulans This is Seaweed. Green algae Area type: Shallow dive Depth: Down to 45m Measures: Up to 40cm » Guia d'espècies Reports from New Zealand uncertain. Related Searches. Find the perfect codium stock photo. Alcyonium bursa (Linnaeus 1758)Lamarckia bursa (Olivi 1792)Fucus bursus ((Linnaeus) Turner 1811)Myrsidrum bursa ((Linnaeus) Rafinesque 1910). Suppliers of 100% natural hand-harvested seaweeds and edible sea vegetable products from Ireland. Codium intertextum Species: Codium isthmocladum Vickers, 1905 Species: Codium johnstonei Silva Species: Codium mamillosum Harv. Form small colonies (Ref. Galleria. added on 2012-02-15 1 370 views WoRMS taxa Codium bursa (Olivi) C.Agardh, 1817 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License Click here to return to the thumbnails overview Alghe, Alghe verdi, Codium, Featured, Mare Mediterraneo, Regno vegetale 08 Ago, 2012 . (120744) Threat to humans: Country info: Eukaryota. Codium fragile, known commonly as green sea fingers, dead man's fingers, felty fingers, forked felt-alga, stag seaweed, sponge seaweed, green sponge, green fleece. Codium capitulatum. australis Sonder, 1853 Codium mamillosum var. Also known as Green Sponge Ball or Ball Alga (English) or Basque Beret (French). Description: Grass green to blue-green, 10-400 mm wide. Codium fragile subspecies tomentosoides is a dark green seaweed composed of erect, dichotomously branched fronds. Eionet; Network of the Heads of Environment Protection Agencies (EPA network) Please tell me the common name is sea potato. iSpot is a website aimed at helping anyone identify anything in nature. Archaeplastida. Atlas des algues marines les plus répandues des côtes de France - 48 planches représentant 108 espéces d'algues faciles a récolter avec leur description ainsi que celles des espèces les plus viosines (20343893345).jpg 1,798 × 3,110; 479 KB Species (41) Taxonomic rank. It is a rapidly spreading invasive species. It is represented by three common species on the coast of Pakistan, Codium decorticatum (Woodward) Howe f. monstrosum (Montagne) Nizamuddin, C. flabellatum Silva et Nizamuddin and C. iyengarii B0rgesen (Shameel and Tanaka 1992).,, Different species of Codium have been investigated for their chemical constituents (Kim and Kang 1989), fatty acids (Khotimchenko and Svestashev 1983) and … tomentosoides ), occurs along nearly the whole coastline of the eastern United States, from the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada to North Carolina. Scientific name: Codium bursa (Olivi) C. Agardh Common Name: Cat: Boina; Cast: Bola de mar; Fr: Codium en boule; Eng: Green sponge ball; It: Palla marina Group: 01. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Codium bursa - Alga palla verde. Codium species Codium mamillosum Name Synonyms Codium bursa var. Eradicated by the storm surges can be found in areas of shore or surf. Irish Seaweeds Ltd. Common Name: Sponge Ball Alga Maltese Name: Alga sponza Specific Name: Codium bursa Family: Codiaceae Thallus Shape: Spherical Branching: No Visible … Da giovane di forma sferica, man mano sempre più depressa al centro e appiattita. Emerald Isle Organic Irish Seaweed. Silva (1952) Codium mucronatum var. Codium bursa belongs to the Algae group. Codium capitatum. Connemara Organic Seaweed Company provide hand harvested, sustainable, kelp and seaweed products for human consumption through health supplements and edible products. EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1. Common Names. Codium bursa è disponibile in altre 2 lingue. English; français typicum O.C.Schmidt, 1923 Lamarckia mamillosa (Harvey) Kuntze, 1891 Homonyms Codium mamillosum Harv. Al tatto ruvida, cava all'interno e facilmente comprimibile. Codium bursa (Olivi) C.Agardh. Si trova frequente nel Mar Mediterraneo, fino a 50 metri di profondità, su fondale roccioso o accompagnata da Posidonia oceanica. Algology: ... Wracks is the common name given to Fucus group. The name suggests softness of touch and also refers to the hair around the thallus. Life. Native range | All suitable habitat | Point map | Year 2100: This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Geologic and geographic distribution, and habitat of Species Codium edule P.C. Velvety surface firm to touch, solid and spherical when young; maturing to form undulating, converging growths. La palla verde (Codium bursa Agardh, 1817) è un'alga di forma tondeggiante che si trova sovente nel Mar Mediterraneo. Often, these are described as separate species, but in most research, especially recently, Codium vermilara and Codium taylorii are distinguished. Wikispecies has an entry on: Codium. Cellular Organisms. Widespread in Mediterranean and often accompanying the seagrass Posidonia oceanica and common in drift in some locations amongst Posidonia leaves. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 2 giu 2020 alle 21:49. Refine results Refine results. ... Codium arabicum. Etymology. In questa parte di andiamo a vedere in dettaglio le specie marine che abbiamo incontrato e documentato, e che sono state fotografate e filmate dai nostri autori nella sezione articoli/post. These, like the other brown and red seaweeds, are simply prepared as a salad with vinegar and a dash of salt. Curated hierarchies for Codium globosum. Codium barbatum. Codium bernabei. La palla verde (Codium bursa Agardh, 1817) è un' alga di forma tondeggiante che si trova sovente nel Mar Mediterraneo. The subspecies Codium fragile subsp. Life. ... Codium bursa. The branches are round in cross section but may be flattened beneath dichotomies of branches. Codium, means ‘sheep’, and the algal texture indeed resembles that of sheepskin. L'alga palla verde. Galleria specie marine documentate marine species documented Gallery. A family business producing seaweed as supplements, cooking, gardening and bath products. Codium fragile (Suringar) Hariot IUCN Red List Status: Not Evaluated (N.E.) Included species (for AlgaeBASE ): C. acuminatum, C. adhaerens, C. afaqhusainii, C. aliyae, C. amplivesiculatum, C. arabicum, C. arenicola, C. australicum, C. barbatum, C. bartlettii, C. bilobum, C. boergesenii, C. brandegeei, C. bursa, C. campanulatum, C. capitatum, C. capitulatum, C. carolinianum, C. There are no common names associated with this taxon. tomentosoides (syn. Curated hierarchies for Codium subantarcticum. That is definitely a sea potato. Può essere confusa con una spugna per via della consistenza. Codium bursa. Note: There are no recent records from England, and many earlier records were of drift specimens perhaps originating further south as the plants are very persistent in drift. Section. Common to the surface - about 40 meters and well-lit depths down to 90 meters. Codium capitulatum. No need to register, buy now! Codium bursa , Natura Mediterraneo, forum micologico, forum funghi, foto funghi, forum animali, forum piante, forum biologia marina, schede didattiche su piante animali e funghi del mediterraneo, macrofotografia, orchidee, forum botanico, botanica, itinerari Common names 球松藻 in language. Habitat: subtidal on rock to 10 m in Atlantic and to 50 m in Mediterranean. Becoming hollow and water-filled with age. Description: Grass green to blue-green, 10-400 mm wide. Velvety surface firm to touch, solid and spherical when young; maturing to form undulating, converging growths. … Distribution: Ireland (two locations Cos Donegal and Galway) and England; south to Morocco and Canary Islands. Cellular Organisms. Once you've registered, you can add an observation to the website and suggest an identification yourself or see if … 15 days ago. Torna a Codium bursa. Media in category "Codium bursa" The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1. Ref. Networks. There are no common names associated with this taxon. The finest organic seaweeds lovingly hand-harvested from the nutrient-rich Atlantic Irish shores. 84622). Codium capitatum. Il Codium bursa ha una caratteristica forma sferoidea,infatti viene volgarmente denominata "Palla marina",l'interno è cavo ed è di un bel colore verde e vive sino a 50 m di profondità, anche tra altre specie vegetali come alcune alghe azzurre.Questa specie puo' formare colonie di diversi individui, si riproduce per frammentazione del tallo. Codium cicatrix. Species of Caulerpa and Codium, known in the Philippines as ‘lato’ (Visayan) and ‘pok-poklo’ (Ilokano), respectively, are the most common edible green algae among the South-east Asians. Codium bursa - Species Dictionary - UK and Ireland : iSpot Nature - Your place to share nature. Codium cicatrix. Codium contractum. The branches are soft with a velvety texture. Raggiunge anche dimensioni ragguardevoli, di circa 40 centimetri di diametro. Colore verde, sia chiaro che scuro. Codium coactum. Codium coactum. Eukaryota. Atlante di flora e fauna del Mediterraneo,, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. The fronds usually arise from a spongy disc-shaped holdfast. Codium bursa (Linnaeus) C. Agardh, 1817. Also known as Green Sponge Ball or Ball Alga (English) or Basque Beret (French). Search for CODIUM returned 41 results. Composed of intertwined, microscopic filaments terminating in utricles visible as small bumps on surface with a hand-lens. Certified Organic Seaweeds hand harvested sustainably by the Talty Family off the coast of Co. Clare on the west coast of Ireland. Codium carolinianum. Wild Irish Seaweed. Codium carolinianum.
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