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See Article on Cover & Structure. There are also some historic areas where cobia are commonly found that often act as a starting point. The Fish Finder Rig is primarily used in challenging conditions to attract fish in areas with little cover and minimal structure. Typically was on an ambassadeur 7000 or Calcutta 700. Having your boat set up properly with a good tower and controls is essential; a few other things are also important. Take piece about 1.5″ and put them on the circle hook with with a fish finder rig. By Bob Mcnally. It took a lot of pressure to whip it. Encountering a cobia is one thing, but tempting it is another thing altogether. The entire rig should be about 24-30” in length. These setups are similar … For the main line 15-20lb fluorocarbon is the most popular option, but 30-50 lb braid test for my main line for the increased sensitivity the line provides for fishing in deep water and its abrasion resistance when I am dragging the rig along rocky bottoms. Use a strong leader material if you're targeting sharks or other toothy species. The temptation is made even more aggressive by tossing out a handful of cut bait. The Cobia themselves aren’t the easiest to pick up no the fish finder because of their small swim bladders, which cause their markings to be smaller. Don't use much lead either so that your bait will drift. Cobia Fishing in Florida. -What kind of rigs and tackle do I use for anchor or drift while fishing for near shore Cobia? Keep an eye out for rays, cobia like to follow under them. Put a sealine 50 with 50 pound test power pro on a 5 1/2 to 7 foot fast taper standup tuna rod [30-60] class. Depths anywhere from 50-350 but I’ve always caught them surface to minus 35ft. Pre-rigged ready to fish 32" Monofilament rig with a 2 oz egg sinker and 2 red beads Sometimes, a jig can present the cobia with more action than live bait, and this can trigger a strike by the cobia.” Cobia Fishing Tips: The DON’TS Having a forward-facing rod holder on both sides of the tower sure makes in nice for when you spot a cobia. Poll: What Will Be The Outcome Of The LSU-Alabama Game? Sight casting bucktails, Bait and wait, Live bait, From a boat, Pier, surf. The Carolina Rig is one of the most used fishing rigs by professional sport fisherman as well as amateurs. Rig 'em before you start fishing because when you sight-fish cobia, time is of the essence. Sometimes we float a chunk back without a weight, but the bottom baits get hit the most. The petroleum rigs hold cobia and other deep water species. I use PENN battle 7000s, one mounted on a Ugly Stick jigging rod and the other on a Shimano Trevala butterfly jigging rod. Here’s the thing about sheepshead rigs… There is no perfect rig for every condition. The latest North Carolina Sportsman magazine had an article about Cobia. This is especially important for first-cast throws. Using Multi-Purpose Transducers to Find Fish. Offshore Angler Cobia Rig Offshore Angler's™ 3-ft. rig is great for tarpon too. We where using a 7000 class Peen spinning reel on a ugly stick jigging rod. A 2lb dead blow hammer is my favorite thing to stop the commotion but a bat or rubber mallet will work as well. In the fall, the cycle starts over when the fish begin to mig… These are the places you’ll want to fish to catch big Amberjacks, Grouper, Cobia, African Pompano, Snapper and other structure seeking fish. For casting bucktails, I use a 6000 size spinner (Shimano Saragosa) but a Penn Battle or Conflict, Quatum Smoke, Cabo, or Boca will also work great. Fish Finder Rig is the Most Popular Rig in Surf Fishing. Rigging/Lure Selection: 24" Perfect Tubes Hook them through the chin and top of nose with a circle hook to match the bait size. Boats. line ready to sight cast to them. Far-casting will catch more cobia. Gear. Mounted on a 7' rod rated 12-20# med hvy. The 80lb braid was much needed since this fish was stubborn and fought really hard. “I use an 8/0 hook for eels and a 10/0 for croaker,” he said. Gear. : My “go to” rig is a carolina rig; egg sinker on the main line (free sliding), a swivel, two to three foot of eighty pound clear mono or fluorocarbon leader and a TroKar TK5 8/0 or 9/0 circle hook for bottom fishing. Both of these options will give you the strength needed to battle a 100 lb fish that tends to make long runs for cover when hooked. To target large fish on the bottom, use a fixed sinker rig. Some come to the boat scary easy. Basically what Tom said, but no weight in the live bait rod. Updated: February 12, 2020. Hand-size pinners are best for casting distance and offer a larger profile. Go Cobia fishing in Florida all year long. Some of the most effective baits for fishing for cobia include squid, fish strips, and mulies. Shipwrecks are see more fishing pressure, and fish are getting smarter as a result. A 2lb dead blow hammer is my favorite thing to stop the commotion but a bat or rubber mallet will work as well. Follow these tips after locating the wrecks and rigs where the cobia lurks in the summertime. Latest. “Heavy four-ounce jigs that can be thrown a long way are good,” says Captain Day. As the Cobia season is fast approaching I was wondering what a decent setup would entail? He attached a 2½-foot length of 80-pound Ande monofilament snelled to a big J hook. For instance, if you’re fishing a jetty with lots of current in the morning, and then hitting residential docks in the afternoon, you’ll probably want to use different rigs (or at least different weights). Setup. I always had 2 rods ready for cobia.
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