• Niche Corrugated Printing – Single-pass systems intended for shorter runs of four-to-six-color packaging or point of purchase materials. Marketing managers turn to inkjet printing to customize point of purchase displays with different pricing and messaging. • Flexibility for packaging for multiple SKUs More and more companies are rolling out single-pass systems that handle materials that exceed 600-feet-per-minute and at cardboard widths up to about 110 inches. improvements to both content and ease of use. Visit Discount Box Printing and get Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes … Georgia-Pacific began testing the waters in 2015 with the purchase of the HP T400 Simplex Color Inkjet Web Press. Easily personalized for results that wow—custom printed boxes and packaging doesn’t get better than this! Considering that the corrugated packaging and the cardboard display market is worth about $33.1 billion, capturing a piece of that is a shrewd play. Gerun Corrugated Inkjet Printer can print once it's started. We’re here to help formulate inks for corrugated packaging and point of sale materials. Copyright © 2013-2019 Suzhou Tektronix Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we guarantee quality custom printed boxes. • Eco-Friendly/Sustainability – Lower transportation costs, energy usage Gerun cardboard box printer is equipped with DEL business computer with high configuration and strong anti-interference ability,which makes printing more smoothly. Manufacture and supply digitial printer for corrugated box, also called cardboard box, especially suitable for small quantity short run. Obalay Morava CEO Martin Rehorik told Nessan Cleary in Graphics to Industrial Printing Journal that “We can print to any type of paper. A major obstacle has been poor quality or warped cardboard, which makes inkjet printing difficult. Opens in new window., a.s. purchased the first machine. Similarly, speed is much less an obstacle. Today, FabPac is a worldwide leader in commercial packaging printing across a variety of disciplines – from high-quality digital offset to wide format and traditional offset – and everything in between as well as cardboard boxes . If you want to make a big order we may be able to arrange for … The custom printed cardboard covers with their boxes have better printing and graphics capabilities. Obalay Morava CEO Martin Rehorik told Nessan Cleary. Cardboard boxes are one of the most reliable and widely used packaging solutions. Adding pennies rather than pounds to the box cost it is the ideal solution. We are using a standard type of stock in our corrugator. • Anti-counterfeiting. Printingcircle.com is a platform where you can get cardboard box packaging solutions as per your needs. Flatbed with roll-feed option Today, Suzhou Tektronix’s technologies combined with strong expertise in design, prototype, testing, and manufacturing, which allow Tektronics to deliver complete solutions for innovative digital printing equipment. Because it's advantage is in colorful effect, non-platemaking and … Our standard cardboard box styles (FEFCO 0201, 0203, 0409 and 0411) can be printed with black ink in short runs with no minimum quantity. These can be stand-alone systems or incorporated into analog printing systems. That is the Holy Grail for marketing. Fast Turnaround, Low Minimum Quantity, Twenty years of box making experience. The major inkjet printhead manufacturers have worked to eliminate many of the obstacles for printing corrugated cardboard substrates. Eco-friendly water-based ink, UV ink, and LED ink offer alternatives to solvent-based ink. From industrial packaging to event displays, our in-house teams work with you to find the … Single-pass We use cookies to enhance your experience. To tackle each of the challenges outlined above, InkJet, Inc. has two lines of products that are perfect for cardboard printing: The Precision Series Case Coding Inkjet Printers Available in outputs of both 18- and 72-millimeters, Precision Series high-resolution printers specialize in printing … A "cookie" is a small digital file that is created by a website and then stored by a The boxes endure assembly lines for packing and shipping, whether through the slower ground delivery to next-day and now same-day delivery. The challenge for digital printing on corrugated substrates is differentiating the inherent value in inkjet printing over flexo and offset printing. ; and, this printer allows us to print on rigid materials including corrugated cardboard… Custom Cardboard Boxes are available in all shapes, sizes and textures. Kyocera printheads (14/Color). We do not use cookies to store In late 2014 Czech Republic-based Obaly Morava. Opens in new window.in Graphics to Industrial Printing Journal that “… Inkjet printing offers mass customization for fast-moving consumer products. Choose from durable cardstock or corrugated cardboard options. Design your box … The creation and approval of marketing plans and design materials must happen at a faster pace. Also, color matching is competitive now, with many of the newest single-pass inkjet systems printing with 4-6 colors plus white ink. They are best for digital printing. Enjoy a wide range of styles, free samples, expert answers, and much more so you can order … Print systems that reliably deliver quality, resolution, and speed. Inkjet ink manufacturers have increased the options for printing on corrugated materials. Durst DOD, Single Pass With digital systems, every package could be different. Sign up to hear from us about packaging & printer … +86-18552127877king@cardboardboxprinter.com. No minimum quantity needed to order. When your customers demand labels instead of direct box printing or you are using darker corrugated cases, Videojet 9550 Label Applicator automatically prints and applies labels to cases or cardboard boxes to ensure high accuracy across a range of substrates. Also, the printing must resist quick fading or effects nature’s elements. Suzhou Tektronics based products have received recognition for excellence performance and are becoming the sign of high quality benchmarks... At present, carton individualization is gradually strengthened, scattered orders are being increased day by day, which brings many troubles to the manufacturers. • Industrial Corrugated Printing – Large systems handling sheet-fed or roll-fed web material. Cardboard boxes are cheaper than plastic boxes hence they are extensively used in different business. They were not the first. Besides, you can use different colors and patterns with your custom printed large cardboard boxes. Digital printing accounts for about 1% of corrugated print jobs, according to EFI Industrial Printing’s, Raimar Kuhnen-Burger, in an Ink World story in May 2019. We produce wide range of high quality custom boxes in short run and large quantity orders. These printers can produce one-off products and generally shorter runs. Sales messages that differentiate the value of inkjet technology to the client. The printer uses a fully closed automatic ink supply system, you can add ink on demand, automatic solution color, no washing machine, thus avoiding the traditional printing because of washing machines and plates produced by waste water pollution. 60-120 linear meters per hour HP TIJ printheads, Single Pass It has great advantages for rapid sampling, small batch replenishment and urgent order production, and can achieve one pcs print and done while you wait. With fruitful of expertise, Suzhou Tektronix has pioneered high-performance digital ink-jet technologies for indoor and outdoor signage, packaging, textile, leather printing industries . Inkjet printing of packaging offers variation of packaging design for fast-changing campaigns and accommodates the growth of SKUs. Rows of multiple paper box printing … Georgia-Pacific. Create custom product boxes that distinguish your retail items on display. • Variable Data and Personalization – Digital offers infinite customization Also, the major players continue to refine the systems for handling corrugated substrates. CARDBOARD BOXES . UV ink curing We do flexo printing (short for flexographic) in house which is the most cost-effective way to produce printed cardboard boxes. Some of the major printhead manufactures for this technology include Fujifilm Diamatix, EPSON, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Memjet, Panasonic, Ricoh, Seiko, Toshiba, and Xaar. The market growth for the corrugated segment ranges from 10-to-15% per year. It is the most common way to print on corrugated. Made from corrugated cardboard, these boxes are lightweight, strong and easy to put together. Gerun cardboard box printer uses Panasonic Servo Motor, which ensures the stablity of printing, and longer service life. We can thank Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign for companies everywhere trying to reach consumers with personalization. The successful converter may be the one that works as a partner with the client to adapt to the changing workflows, inventory needs, and enhanced capabilities of industrial inkjet printing. 12 Locations across USA, Canada and Mexico for fast delivery of paper ream boxes. Just hold the device against the carton, cardboard or corrugated cardboard, and practical mobile printers, such as the: jetStamp® 1025, jetStamp® graphic 970 or REINER 940, will print on the … Because the corrugator has a heated hot plate for drying, we are able to control the humidity to the exact level for converting to packaging.”. Die Cut Cardboard Boxes with color printing according to your requirement. Cardboard material is best for making display packaging boxes.The die cut cardboard boxes can be printed in attractive printing … Find corrugated cardboard boxes including cube boxes, flat boxes, long boxes, heavy duty boxes, multi-depth boxes, printers boxes, tall boxes, and side loading boxes.
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