Q: Are there any jobs for Doctoral of Business Administration? Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Ba in business administration jobs. In the United States, the degree is conferred after four years of full-time study in one or more areas of business concentrations. Modern cities are not managed merely by means of political action and development; they are entities that require a substantial amount of administration, and this is where managers of administrative services are particularly needed. Entrepreneurs are behind start-ups everywhere. Bachelor of Arts (BA), Business Management - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program can prepare students for careers in operations or sales management, healthcare administration, or marketing, among others. Read on to learn more about business administration jobs, salary, and industry outlook. Practical experience can really make your CV stand out to potential employers and our BA Business Administration gives you the option of adding a year-long work placement to your degree. Financial managers are important business admin jobs. degrees (Bachelor of Business Administration). FNUAcademic Resources8 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Administration Degree. For more on financial advisors, take a look at our guide to online finance programs and degrees. They determine the demand for goods and services as well as developing a strategy to maximize profits on those goods and services. While the private sector has plenty to offer, opting for a government job has the benefit of job security in an unsure market and often government positions offer competitive pay in comparison to private sector jobs. The programme is an online programme composed of 20 modules that may be taken on a full-time basis or a part-time basis, depending on the circumstances and needs of the student. Projected job growth (2016 – 2026): 6% increase 2016 median annual salary: $60,530* Job overview: Sales representatives contact new and existing customers, explain product features, answer any questions that customers may have. eCommerce has been one of the most popular routes for young entrepreneurs because of the rapid and consistent growth of online consumers. Or you might end up working in a bank and being a handbag designer. Reply. Business administration is a broad field with so many opportunities to work in a variety of positions for big companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even your very own company. Some sell directly to consumers, and some to businesses and other organizations. Employers from a multitude of industries look for this wide range of skills in business degree earners. Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a Bachelor's of Business Administrator. In consultation with your college counselor in your department, you can take upper-level electives from FNU’s broad selection of classes in other related fields, the recommended electives that will serve you best in a career in business administration include: Because Business Administration is so broad, we’ve created five specialization programs at FNU to help our students hone in on the industry they have a stronger affinity towards. Starting your own business is no easy task, it takes tremendous dedication and sacrifice. There will never be a shortage of jobs for business administration graduates who specialize in office management. Loan officers work in banks and lending companies to evaluate, authorize, and recommend approval or denial f loans to people and businesses. At FNU, our business administration programs are fully-accredited and our Associate of Arts, Baccalaureate and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) programs are nationally recognized. When small business owners want to take that next step towards growth and expansion, they may either retain the services of a business development consultant or hire one as a director. With median salaries of around $95K per year, sports management is an interesting position that many business administration students seek to pursue. Out of all of those, the procurement officer must choose one to prepare a contract with and then monitor the effectiveness of the product, delivery, and relationship. Marketers plan, direct, and coordinate marketing efforts for businesses. Top 10 Jobs for Business Majors 1. Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. Insurance underwriter 11. At every level of business, there are managers who keep things running smoothly. Apply today for the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship. So do trends. Business majors also have the opportunity to gain proficiency in managing large groups of people and may become adept at fostering professional communications. Bachelor's of Business Administration: Career and Salary Facts. Risk manager 14. 12,131 Bachelor Business Administration jobs available on Indeed.com. Management consultant 12. Business Administration. Human resource managers are in charge of workforce administration, which starts at the recruitment level and continues through payroll, training, compliance, benefits, scheduling, retention, counseling, strategic planning and more. Whether on behalf of a firm or an individual, commodities traders buy and sell commodity contracts. FNU offers a sports management concentration with a minimum of 18 credits for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. Search 10,000 Business Administration jobs now available on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site. The career-focused Bachelor of Science in business administration at University of Maryland Global Campus is designed to help you compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow by building a comprehensive base of knowledge. 50% off with Promo Code RAPTORSP50. The Doctorate in Business Administration has highly lucrative career opportunities. Entry-level positions in corporations often include the title “junior,” such as a "junior analyst." Business administration programs educate students on the running and maintaining of a business, including economics, marketing, accounting, and management. Business Administration Degree Entry Level Jobs Accounting Clerk Payroll Processor Human Resources Assistant Training Assistant Purchasing Assistant Business administration jobs may be found in various sectors because it is a broad field of study that provides graduates with various competencies. The procurement officer must set standards and timing requirements for the goods their company needs, then search for and compare the suppliers’ reputations, what they offer, quality and pricing. Search 532 Business Administration jobs available in Dubai on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site. When you search LinkedIn for business administration jobs, you are bound to find more than 125,000 listings at any given time. Sales managers today are increasingly required to analyze data about customers and their buying habits in an effort to capture new leads. With a bachelor's degree in business administration, you might apply for a job as an administrative services or office manager. Students pursuing a degree in Business have a variety of options for employment when entering the work force after graduation. Municipal administration departments tend to have a large concentration of business graduates because they need to be managed like a business. They work with both people and companies to make sense of their money and taxes. eCommerce technology, such as the BigCommerce development and design platform, allows you to get your business idea up and running within just a few weeks. We use cookies to customise our website for you, giving you the best possible user experience. Job Opportunities for Business Administration Graduates. Chartered management accountant 6. For more on accountants, take a look at our guide to online accounting programs and degrees. Degrees: B.A. For both the Associate and Baccalaureate degrees, some of the classes you will take as upper core requirements include Principles of Accounting, Business Law, Microeconomics, Marketing, etc. In the past couple of decades, with the rise of the internet, entrepreneurs have also become more and more common. A company’s most valuable asset will always be its human capital. Degree in Public Administration with successful completion will make one eligible for the post of a lecturer in any university/college. Political administrations come and go. What they do: Sales managers oversee a company’s sales team. Most Business Administration Bachelors take 3 years to graduate, but you can also find 2-year accelerated Bachelors as well as 4-year Bachelors, usually offered by universities in the U.S. They may accept jobs with large corporations, but just as often take jobs with small or mid-size companies and non-profit organizations. After successful completion of the BA in Economics and Business Administration programme, students will have opportunities to work in areas such as banking, finance and accounting. This is something that calls for the organizational and analytical skills of business majors. However, job growth will vary by the area of business administration in which you choose to specialize. The NASCAR brand is also based in the Sunshine State and is looking to expand beyond the 13 racetracks it wholly owns and operates. Business administration majors are qualified for a number of jobs that call for their background and knowledge. Use College Raptor to discover personalized college matches, cost estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid for schools around the US—for FREE! This major will help you prepare for a variety of positions in for-profit, nonprofit, and public-sector organizations. ... • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Business Administration, Banking/Finance or … Prospective students searching for Jobs for Graduates with a Bachelors Degree in Economics found the following related articles, links, and information useful. Some students choose to study from a number of different subjects, while others choose to focus on a more specific aspect of business that is most interesting to them. Analytical, organizational and bargaining skills are crucial for this position, which is one of the most important in what is known as the supply chain. They generally create new businesses and are both creative and organized. These programs, be they diploma or degree programs, take a very practical and hands-on approach in teaching you highly employable skills in business. Popular Job Options for MBA Graduates . Those who go into marketing can also work in advertising or other creative and media fields, which relate to the function of marketing. What is the job growth for the field? At a smaller office, you may manage all support services, while a larger agency may require you to oversee a single administrati… Your responsibilities could range from overseeing office equipment maintenance to verifying that your organization is in compliance with contractual, government and safety requirements. Bureaucracy will never cease to be the apparatus that keeps cities running and this is the case at the city, county, and federal levels. In reality, it’s a career. Here are 9 examples of careers you could get with a bachelor of business administration degree. Business consultants also referred to as management consultants, help companies propose ways to improve a business’s efficiency. Successful graduates will have the knowledge and skills to secure placements in large consultancies firms, international retailers and fashion houses and other service industries. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. To learn more about this exciting career field, contact one of our academic counselors. Apply to Administrative Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, Instructor and more! These daily tasks could include processing payroll and administering benefits, as well as ensuring all human resources functions are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Out of the hundreds of job descriptions for this broad occupational segment, here are eight positions you can reasonably pursue after graduating from a business administration program at Florida National University: Also known as “purchasing officers,” procurement specialists are in charge of acquiring products that are essential for business operations. Stockbroker 15. Accountant . Brokers are licensed to work on their own, while agents must work for a licensed broker. Accountant. A: Yes. Specific duties may also vary based on the size of your employer. With a business administration degree, entry-level jobs are found in fields such as sales, human resources, business intelligence and analysis, and company operations. Bachelor of Arts (BA), Business Administration - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. It is not unusual for Florida employers to encourage specialists and technicians to pursue business administration degrees; they do this because they know that promotion from within is a proven strategy for growth in the American enterprise. 80,355 open jobs for Business administration. You may consider taking the journey of entrepreneurship. A bachelor of business administration (BBA) is an especially versatile business degree because it can generally be obtained by studying a variety of fields. Advances in internet technology have made starting a new online business possible with just a few clicks of a button. Search Business administration jobs. Business organizations are in constant need of employees who are able to carry out administrative functions. I have a Master’s in Business Administration and the only job I can find is teaching business at a Dallas high school. Business Administration programs are designed to enable you to hit the ground running in a variety of different careers. Accountants are good with numbers, detail-oriented, and enjoy helping others. In some cases, procurement officers are appointed to serve as members of executive boards. Basic skills include intermediate to advanced use of databases, and especially Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, etc. Take a look at how some of the business administration occupations compare as far as job growth (the national average for all careers is … A business administration major provides students with a general background in subjects including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources management, international business, and management.Students at many colleges take a few courses in each of … 1,293 Business Administration Marketing jobs available on Indeed.com. Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. Ba in business administration jobs. Get the right Business administration job with company ratings & salaries. According to the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics), in the United States, out of 1,870,000 bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2013–14, the largest numbers were in the field of business (3,58,000).
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