part Increasing the number of samples per unit time, sometimes called upsampling, amounts to interpolation. internal default In the frequency domain, one simply appends zeros to the DFT spectrum. internal In many of these applications it is inefficient to represent, transmit, or … converted to PDF/A-2b number Linear canonical transform,Decimation and interpolation,Polyphase network,Differential filter external Application of transposition to decimation and interpolation in digital signal processing systems Abstract: A method that was recently developed for describing linear time-varying digital systems in the frequency domain will be applied to decimators and interpolators. true processing. We begin in Section I1 with the mathematical (and signal processing) framework of sampling, interpolation, and decimation. endobj The result of this operator acting on the original data in Fig 1a is shown in Fig 1e. volume pdfToolbox 1 0 obj CrossmarkMajorVersionDate This extraction, accompanied by frequency domain multiplication with the boxcar shown in the right side of Fig 1b, convolves the discrete time domain data with the continuous time function to reproduce the original analog signal. internal In Matlab, given a sine wave at a given frequency for example, how would you proceed to downsample it to a lower frequency? In one important case in communications applications, each frequency band contains an independent information channel. <>stream In this paper, I discuss my own current favourite views of interpolation: no … 7.5.2 Discrete-Time Decimation and Interpolation There are a variety of important applications of the principles of discrete-time sampling, such as in filter design and implementation or in communication applications. internal Springer International Publishing Figure 12.36 illustrates a function diagram for the MAX1402 low-power, multichannel oversampling sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter used in industry. 2 A convolution with a filter (sinc?) The reverse situation has the channels easily separated in time, but mixed in frequency. Yi Chai <>/Rect[179.189 605.341 198.868 593.174]/H/N/AP<>>> crossmark Text The resulting digital data has a new sampling rate, meeting the Nyquist criterion. internal The DOI may also be used as the dc:identifier. Interpolation Theorem of Craig (1957) seems a rather technical result for connoisseurs inside logical meta-theory. Note: PRISM recommends against the use of the #other value currently allowed in this controlled vocabulary. CrossmarkDomainExclusive Frequently, there is the need in DSP to change the sampling rate of existing data. Text Decimation and interpolation P = Proof B 9.7 Polyphase Filters Potential computational savings can be made within the process of decimation, interpolation, and sampling-rate conversion. The analysis of decimation and interpolation in the linear canonical transform domain ( Log Out /  ��H����b=����g����n�y��}=7��ݾ�^�$�ռ2�yMZ�wg?�Vm���/ox�r{���A"�$Ғ ������h� �U�s)de�a�s+�VI)�s;�^�T�^,�ۇ��0�w�K��b�~���T�~�[� �!��^U�Mu��̅�5��0{�n��›��v���K={Q��.��k, SpringerPlus, doi:10.1186/s40064-016-3479-4, The analysis of decimation and interpolation in the linear canonical transform domain.
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