This episode features John Little, a seasoned Video Game Art Director based out of Toronto. The big difference in application requirements between SVA, CalArts, Ringling, and Sheridan + the best place to get advice for each program. Her work is often experimental using a number of different media to create colour, texture and pattern. This episode features Amber Padgett, a stop motion director, animator, and fabricator who shares how to quit your job and follow your ultimate dream. Plus, you can download free sound effects, a storyboard template and backgrounds to give your videos added magic!HUE’s kits, cameras, book, and resources are available from:*HUE's website:*Amazon: YOUR FREE HUE HD PACKAGE PASSWORD: AIPodcastPerksThe package includes a Storyboard template, a sample background for your next claymation, a short instructional video on how to squash and stretch a simple character with clay, and even a super cute printable phenakistoscope of a rat going into a hole. Mouse after a 14 year hiatus, How Matt responds to criticism for following unconventional animation and storytelling techniques, What Mary did to get “discovered” off YouTube, The guerrilla marketing tactics that had people pouring into theatres, How Spike gave a start to today’s animation bigshots including Tim Burton and Nick Park, What risks animators can take to get noticed in today’s marketplace, His personal study schedule as he learns the principles of animation, The formula he uses to get views on YouTube, How he got his start by sharing rock music history through video essays, How he went from being a janitor to animating Jack Skellington on The Nightmare Before Christmas, The old-school tool Anthony still uses that trumps all of today’s stop mo tech, The best path new animators can take to get into today’s core group of stop motion professionals, How the festival evolved during the 2020 pandemic, The steps to start an animation festival from the ground up in your hometown, How she’s learned to pick films that will draw in paying audiences, The reason Adam left the professional animation industry, How Adam’s created a life that sustains his independent filmmaking, What he’s learned from attending festivals all over the word, How Cat launched her career right out of the Art Institute of Chicago, The top three things that have honed her directing skills, Her best advice for someone else who wants to follow a similar path, How he became the lead animator on Animaniacs right out of college, His top tips for collaborating with a big team around the world, The real reason he decided to create his own studio, Reach out to Mike by email: mike [at] Join us as Enrico shares his childhood influences and how he used these early memories to inspire his team of animators… Who's running this podcast? In this episode of the Animation Industry Podcast, Animator, Filmmaker, and Coordinator of Sheridan College’s Animation Program, Christopher Walsh shares his journey into stop motion animation. Insights into Jamie’s career as a music video director, How he and his brother manage to stay ahead of the curve with Dragonframe, His best advice for following your dreams, How Amber went from working at a grocery store to some of the top stop motion studios in the US, How to make uncomfortable comfortable to push yourself to new heights, How Amber carved out a niche for herself in outdoor stop motion, The top 3 things that set you apart from other animation applicants, How The Sketch Effect grew without any traditional marketing, What skills you need to make it in the B2B animation side of things, Episode 57: Stop Motion Animator Adam Taylor On How To Get Hired For Stop Motion, How to become known for a specific animation technique, How to ensure you have a constant flow of gigs lined up, A list of all the stop motion studios in the USA, How to use LinkedIn’s algorithm to get a job, The three not-so-talked about things that will get you hired (hint: they having nothing to do with your animation skills), Why Canada is a better opportunity than the US if you want to be a 2D Animator, Support the kickstarter for Josh’s e-book, Episode 51 Animator Sylvie Trouvé How to Learn the Basics of Stop Motion with the See-Learn Academy, What sort of materials you need to start animating right now, A full breakdown of the classes and the type of feedback you’ll get, You’ll also learn how Sylvie built a career in stop motion for herself, Episode 49: Mexican Animator Alan Castanos on What the Animation Industry Is Like in Mexico, How to land gigs on the freelancing site Upwork, The top 3 things that will make your clients happy, How many projects you need to take on per year to realistically survive in freelance, Episode 47: Animator Joseph Karwal on How He Got Into Calarts and How to Thrive in the Program, What kind of mentality you need to create an accepted portfolio, The nitty-gritty details of what the program actually teaches you, His top 5 tips for producing student films that get noticed, Episode 46: John Musker (Moana/Treasure Planet/Aladdin/Hercules/etc.) He shares how he got into stop motion after graduating animation school, and the types of challenges small stop motion studios face. This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Toronto Stop Motion Department Inc. In this episode, The Animation Podcast … Besides his PhD work, Daniel is a professional stop motion animator working on the show “Kiwi” from XBO Films, plus he runs the Guayabo Colectivo artist association.He also shares:*His journey from Columbia to France*Highlights of his professional experience working in TV*Details of an app he’s creating to connect stop motion professionals around the world~[Sponsored Message]~GET YOUR FREE HUE HD PACKAGE PASSWORD: AIPodcastPerksHUE HD offers an all-in-one starter kit for kids around 7 to 13 years old when it come to animation. He shares how he challenged himself to create 100 stop motion posts over 100 days, and how he because sought after for branded sponsorships on Instagram. This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Cartoon Network’s Ronald Stanage on how to break into the animation industry and make fart jokes for kids. How Ben intentionally grew his Instagram following. The list contains over 50 current and discontinued animation podcasts filled with TV show reviews, news, interviews, and software tips. Get in touch with Rikke and Chris through their Instagrams: See Feedspot’s full list of the top 10 animation podcasts, Why positive reinforcement nearly led him down the wrong career path (and what it took to set his path straight), The skill he picked up after animation school that changed his career for the better, How he dealt with insecurity and how he figured out how to produce his best work possible, The one thing Ron did every day (for five years!) How he ended up storyboarding on Teen Titan Go! that landed him his role at Cartoon Network, The pros and cons of developing a wide range of skills vs mastering one skill over time, The most exciting and monotonous parts of being a storyboard artist, Watch Ron’s short, Tennis the Good Boy on, How Lawrence went from mowing lawns to becoming a professional illustrator, The top three skills every professional illustrator needs, How to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry, Three practical tips to make connections with industry professionals, What impact Instagram followers have on your professional career, The number one skill every storyboard artist needs to climb the ranks, How to board the 3-act story formula every TV episode goes through, What to show in your portfolio when applying to storyboard artist jobs, Get in touch with Dodge and see his ridiculous comics on his, How Ryan began his career without going to animation school, The biggest mistake creators make when pitching shows to networks, The number one thing students need to focus on to become a successful producer or show creator, The number one thing that makes a successful creator and a successful pitch, The top three skills show creators need to have, The biggest myth that everyone believes about pitching a show, The process Super Science Friends went through from concept to production, The three most important skills you need to be hired at a small animation studio, The ins and outs of pitching a show to Netflix.
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